Thursday, March 10, 2016

Midnight Mystery Quilt Reveal Parade!

Welcome to the Midnight Mystery Quilt Parade!  Grab some coffee or tea and some cake and take some time to look through over 100 wonderful version of the Midnight Mystery Quilt people have made.  

We have 111 versions of the quilt pattern on parade today!!!!  Thank you so much to everyone who has been taking part or following along in the Midnight Mystery Quilt! 

Due to the shear length of this post, I will be posting the winners of the random drawings tomorrow.

Just as a reminder, the mystery quilt instructions can be found in the tab above and they will never be taken down so you can start at any time.  (I also now have the entire set of instructions for sale as an easy downloadable pdf).)

Without further are some of the wonderful Midnight Mystery Quilt finishes! (I double checked all of the entries, but as there were so many if I misspelled your name wrong, left out a blog link, left off your quilt you e-mailed to me, or did anything else wrong, please let me know and I will fix it right away).

Shannon F. of The Fleming's Nine from Oklahoma - Blogged

Carolyn C. of Gorram Quilts from Seattle WA - Blogged

Carla K. from Colorado

Hannah G. from Brownsburg, Indiana

Judy V. from Roscommon, Michigan

Janeen K. from Indiana

Denise M. from Folsom, CA

Marjie R. from Ashland, MA

Beryl R.

Jennifer W.

Liz M. from New Jersey

Stephanie O. from Pontotoc, MS

Sue B.

Esther G. from Pinedale, Wyoming

Irene G. from North Carolina

Julie W. from California

Myra of Busy Hands Quilts from Washington State - blogged

Pia Marie P. of Colorado

Joan A.

Pam K.

Debbie R. from Texas

and another from Debbie R. from Texas

Yvonne F. of Quilting Jetgirl from California - blogged

Sue H. from Ohio

Emily O. from Fort Collins, CO @rebelquilting

Michelle P. from Scotland

Imelda O.

JoAnna R.

Bev H. from Idaho

Deb P. from South Carolina

Donna K.

Mittie S. from Melber, Kentucky

Diana M. of Red Delicious Life from Florida - blogged

Sherry S. of Blessings From Our Nest from Washington State - blogged

Mel B.

Lisa B. of Beutelchens Hande from Germany - blogged

 Susan from California - @susansquiltstudio

Allison from Auburn, Alabama

Cheryl B. of Meadow Mist Designs from Greenville, SC - blogged


Hayley P. of MooBird Stitches

Daniela K. from Cameron, Missouri

Lynda H. 

another quilt by Lynda H.

Emma R. of My Handmade Home from England

Liz K. in Calgary, AB

Cindy B. from Colorado


Deb C. from Tasmania, Australia

Adele D.

Camille M. from Salt Lake City, Utah @Camillesquilting

Nancy C. from Virginia

Jessica W. 

Liz D. from London, Ontario, Canada. 

Amy L.

Audrey D.

Carol P. from Utah

Brenda C. from Lacombe Alberta Canada

Kerry S. from South Carolina

Liz S.


Karin P.

Jackie I.

Emilee T. from Georgia

Katri M. from Finland

Emily L. of The Darling Dogwood from Charlotte, NC 

Anja C.

Debbie J. of Greenville, SC

Jean P.


Lorna J.

Vasudha G.

Cristen B.

Darleen S. from South Carolina

Rachel of Pigs In Pajamas from California - blogged

Lynn M. from New Zealand

Alison of Little Bunny Quilts - blogged

Monique B. from New Hampshire

Sally B. from Moody, Alabama

Sarah of 123 Quilt from North Carolina - blogged

Sara from North Italy

Sarah G. of Sarah Goer Quilts

Libby D.

Char T. from Colorado

Chelsea M.

Jean M. from new Zealand

Mary from Ohio

Liz H.

Silvia S. - Illinois

Brenda H. from Canada

Jenny D of Sew Crafty Jenn

Karen B

another version by Karen B (one really huge midnight mystery block!)

Kris J of Sew Sunshine - blogged

Johellen G. of South Carolina

Sherry B. from Sacramento

Veronica N.

Sylvia from Germany

Joanna Y. from South Carolina

Elinor G. from South Carolina

Joyce A. from South Carolina

Dagmar T. from South Carolina

Wendy O. from Guelph Ontario Canada

Kelli G.

Cathy S. from France

Tana M.

Weren't all of the quilts amazing? I love seeing how a quilt pattern can change so much by using different fabrics and colors.  Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the Midnight Mystery Quilt.

If you liked what you saw above you can always make your own version of the Midnight Mystery quilt (blog instructions in this tab and pdf available for purchase here) or join in on the next mystery quilt!!!!

Meadow Mystery Quilt-a-Long Starting in July!

I had such fun with this mystery quilt that I will be hosting another mystery quilt starting this summer!  The Meadow Mystery quilt-a-long will start in July 2016 and finish in early spring 2017.  Please join me in making next year's mystery quilt even bigger and better!

I am linking up to Let's Bee Social @ Sew Fresh QuiltsNeedle and Thread Thursday @ My Quilt Infatuation, Whoop Whoop Friday @ Confessions of a Fabric AddictThank Goodness Its Finished FridayFinish It Up Friday @ Crazy Mom QuiltsFabric Frenzy Friday @ Fort Worth Fabrics Studio.


  1. looks so good, how do i join up?

    1. Thanks! If you would like to make a Midnight Mystery Quilt the instructions can be found in the Mystery Quilt tab above and they will never be taken down so you can start at any time. (I also now have the entire set of instructions for sale as an easy downloadable pdf on my Etsy shop).

      If you would like to join in on the next mystery quilt, the Meadow Mystery which starts in July, the instructions will be posted to this blog each month. Or you can send me your e-mail address (to cheryljbrickey (at) gmail (dot) com) to sign up for the pdf version of the instructions each month.

  2. Incredible! What a parade! Congratulations on yet another successful mystery quilt!

  3. Yes I also was looking to sign up.

    1. Thanks! If you would like to make a Midnight Mystery Quilt the instructions can be found in the Mystery Quilt tab above and they will never be taken down so you can start at any time. (I also now have the entire set of instructions for sale as an easy downloadable pdf on my Etsy shop).

      If you would like to join in on the next mystery quilt, the Meadow Mystery which starts in July, the instructions will be posted to this blog each month. Or you can send me your e-mail address (to cheryljbrickey (at) gmail (dot) com) to sign up for the pdf version of the instructions each month.

  4. These are all so beautiful! I always love seeing different interpretations of the same pattern. Congrats on a wonderful pattern and a truly successful mystery quilt along. I can't wait for the new one to start this summer. You know I'll be there stitching with you.

  5. Such an inspiring parade of quilts! Everyone did an amazing job. :-)

  6. It's so great to see everyone else's quilts along with my own. Everyone did such a great job. Thank you Cheryl for hosting this fab QAL. ��

  7. Oh my! What a beautiful parade that was! You must feel over the moon seeing your design in so many variations! I may just join the next one!

  8. This is really fantastic! The pattern really stands up to pretty much any combination of fabrics, doesn't it? They're all really great.

    (In other news: I totally forgot to email you a picture of mine! I planned to do it yesterday but somewhere that thread of thought got lost. Alas!)

  9. What a fun, and stunning show! You know the pattern is genius when every quilt turns out beautiful! Love the scrappy ones, the Christmas ones. Vasudha's variances are beautiful, love scalloped edges with this pattern, all the blue & gold beauties, and the blue and red too! Veronica's has a terrific retro-vibe, while Lara brought the Manly Modern version. I looked at Joan's layout for a long time, love the movement & I think this would be great as an alternate block too.

    I am completely smitten with KatrI's, love those greens with turquoise!
    They ALL look so cheerful -congrats to everyone!

    1. Very kind of you to say Heidi, but I failed to follow the proper instructions, thinking if scrappy was okay, that I could use my fabrics in any order. I am thankful to Cheryl for providing a great QAL, I will be sure to follow the instructions much better next time as I look forward to the July one.

  10. Every quilt was beautiful! Can't wait for the next mystery!

  11. This was incredible to go through this morning. I am especially intrigued by on by Nancy; her color choices make the pattern read so differently and I really love that. Thank you so very much, Cheryl. These mystery QALs you host are really wonderful and fun. <3

  12. What a variety of colors, all beautiful. Thanks for putting this show for us.. I will be signing up for the next mystery.

  13. It was so great to see all the variations! Many made me stop and look more closely because the pattern looked so different depending upon the fabric selection for the various pieces. I also didn't know that blogger would allow you to upload so many photos!

  14. Wow! So many wonderful versions. I'll be blogging about my finish tomorrow. Thanks again for hosting.

  15. Thanks for the parade! It was so fun to look at all the different quilts this morning. Thanks for the quilt-a-long too.

  16. So much awesome! I'm glad the parade showed so many beautiful quilts. I especially loved how some of the folks who had seen the sneak peak used that info for planning something different with their composition. Great work everyone!

  17. They all are beautiful. Thanks for hosting the mystery QAL. It was so fun.

  18. Wow, a great success and a lot of fun to see all the finishes. Very inspirational.

  19. These quilts are gorgeous! I love the different color combinations - so much variety!! Thank you so much for a great mystery!!!

  20. I loved looking through all of these! So nice of you to put them all into a blog post to make them easy to peruse. For several quilts that I liked with an associated blog post, I visited and commented on why I liked the quilt! I hope more people share their quilts on blogs or Flickr, etc. for the next go-round so we can all share the love!

  21. It was so great to see so many quilts of the same pattern look so different. Wonderful work to everyone!

  22. Nothing to say but WOW! So many fantastic quilts! Great job everyone!

  23. So fun to see wide variety of fabrics and colors everyone used in the parade.

  24. Seeing all the different Midnight Mysteries on parade is so fun Cheryl! I fell in love with quite a few of them! You must get an even bigger kick out of seeing all the fabric combinations than we do. Isn't it amazing how much a fabric choice and placement can change the look of your pattern?

  25. So many beautiful quilts. Thanks so much for this quilt along.

  26. Wow! It's amazing seeing in so many different colorways. Love it! The different color combos almost make it look like it's a different pattern. Thank you, Cheryl, for making this happen!

  27. Oh WOW! These are spectacular! It must melt your heart to see them all together like this!! How did Beryl R and Liz M happen to use identical fabrics?? I just love all the different palettes and looks! It is just wonderful!

  28. Looks great everyone, love seeing the different fabric choices. Looking forward to the next mystery.

  29. Such a flexible pattern. It was fun to see how this pattern worked with other fabrics and colors. I'm looking forward to the next mystery.

  30. What fun seeing all these different variations...I have some favourites...not saying which ones but I might be making different choices in the next mystery! Thanks for doing this Cheryl. It was fun except for cutting the courthouse steps.(just kidding) The pace was great, with lots of time to catch up

  31. What a parade, this deserves a drum roll of mighty proportions.I am sure you must be so thrilled at all the entries, what a great way you had them all with a name and country. Every one different, every one amazing, and I know which fabrics and combinations I like best of all. Thanks again for hosting this.

  32. What a wonderful parade of quilts. Congratulations to all participants. They are all wonderful. Testament to a great design.

  33. Wow, these are great! I can't believe how many different looks came out of a single pattern!

  34. Cheryl,

    I didn't see my quilt top. Tana (lime green with yellow tips, floral, pink and blue .

  35. Amazing! I think everyone did such a great job. I loved seeing all the different versions. Thanks for hosting the QAL, Cheryl!

  36. What a great parade of quilts! I missed the deadline so didn't get you mine, but I love it and really enjoyed making it - looking forward to your next mystery!

  37. WoW, that's simply AMAZING.. and a great selection of quilts taboot.. :)

  38. It's amazing how fabric selection can make the same pattern look so different. Daniela K's grey and yellow version reminded me of a night sky - I instantly wanted to crawl under it and go to sleep.

  39. Lots of beautiful quilts! Great to see all the different combinations.

  40. Can't wait for July! Hopefully some of my UFO's will be completed and I can truly enjoy the next Mystery. I was just too busy to quilt along with you all this time. What a fun pattern and so many beautiful color combinations! Are you taking addresses for the next one already?

  41. A year and a have late, but I finally finished my quilt top! Thank you for this great mystery!


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