Thursday, March 31, 2016

March Madness - Mad for Solids Bracket

It's March Madness time, quilting style :)  

Mad for Solids sponsored by @paintbrushstudio starts today.  16 bloggers (including myself) selected a palette from Inspired by Fabric's Painter's Palette Solids. All of the bundles will be shown on Instagram today and the voting will on Inspired by Fabric's blog.  Please hop over to their post to see all of the solid palettes and vote for your favorites (there is also a chance for you to win some fabric too!).  Each day, voting will be on two palette match-ups, my bundle is up for voting on Monday, April 4th.  

I had such fun going through all of their solids and playing with different combinations.  I started to chose my palette by selecting some fabrics in a range of from light to dark in my favorite color, blue. To add a little interest I added in some of greens and really liked how they popped against the blues.  The palette is is very calming and reminds me of the gentle tide of the ocean, hence the name Ocean Waves.

Here is my color palette, called Ocean Waves

121-049 Cadet
121-076 Apple Green
121-020 Sky
121-001 Midnight
121-000 White
121-031 Turquoise
121-072 Honeydew
121-034 Hunter

Here are some more pics of the bundle, I still have not figured out what I am going to make from them, but I am itching to start cutting them up :)

Don't forget to go over Inspired by Fabric's blog to vote and for a chance to win some fabric!  (...and remember my bundle is up for voting on Monday :)


  1. So gorgeous palette and fabulous block.

  2. The competition is on! I love your bundle so much...the blue/green combination is just gorgeous!

  3. Your grouping is really lovely, Cheryl. As you said, the colors are calming but they also are the bright greens and blues that remind me of the promise in a beautiful spring day.

  4. Oh, this just says, "Spring!" Fresh green everything, blue skies and the darker blue of the later evening skies. Good luck.

  5. Those colors look wonderful together Cheryl! It has such a summery feel and I love the way the greens glow in comparison to the peaceful looking blues.

  6. Beautiful bundle! The voting will be difficult! They are all so nice!

  7. Nice color value, Cheryl. I will be voting!

  8. Beautiful color choices and perfectly named. I love the white in there too.

  9. It's a wonderful palette which reminds me of the newness of spring.

  10. Beautiful palette. It's hard to go wrong with blue. Green and blue is a color combo I felt was wrong till a couple of years ago after reading a book on color theory, I made a blue and green quilt. Now it's one of my favorite color combinations.

  11. Absolutely love your palette Cheryl. No surprise, as blue and green is my all-time favourite colour combination.


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