Thursday, June 4, 2015

Midnight Mystery Quilt - Quilt Kits

As I mentioned in the Fabric Selection post earlier today, Pile O'Fabric (one of the quilt-a-long's sponsors) is offering Midnight Mystery Quilt Kits in two colorways which include all of the fabrics needed (6 7/8 yards total) to make the quilt top and the binding (backing not included).

These kits are a great way to get fabrics for the quilt-a-long if you are nervous about picking colors or don't have enough large cuts of fabric to use in the quilt.

Each of the kits are $52 with free shipping within the domestic US.

Colorway #1

Yellow - Fabric Set A – 1 yard
Light Blue - Fabric Set B – 1 ¼ yards
Dark Blue - Fabric Set C – 2 ½ yards (Includes ⅝ yard for binding)
White - Fabric Set D – 2 ⅛ yards 

Colorway #2

Red - Fabric Set A – 1 yard
White - Fabric Set B – 1 ¼ yards
Dark Gray - Fabric Set C – 2 ½ yards (Includes ⅝ yard for binding)
Light Gray - Fabric Set D – 2 ⅛ yards

Note:  If you purchase a quilt kit, the fabrics will not come labeled as A, B, C, or D, 
please refer to this post to label your fabrics.

For the un-mystery quilters - I have renderings of the quilt in each of the colorways, just e-mail me if you would like to see them.


  1. Hi...I follow you via email and would love a peek at the finished quilt to help me select my fabrics....(can't find an email address for

  2. Oooh, renderings of the quilts in these colorways? Neato! .... Ack! I must resist temptation, I must resist temptation...
    It is very difficult to, but I really want to be surprised.

  3. Oh, so tempting to buy one of these!! Gonna have to decide fast.

  4. Love the minty green and yellow combo! Both colorways are nice!

  5. Lovely combination!! I am having hard time resisting :)


  6. I love the fabrics that you've suggested and I have a hard time resisting a great Mystery Quilt Along. So sign me up. I'd like to receive the direct emailings.

  7. I could not find you email address can you send me a sneak peek? Thanks

  8. would love to join the mystery quilt.. please add me.. Thanks


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