Friday, April 21, 2023

Just Two Charm Pack Quilts - Behind the Scenes of Book Photography

I had the pleasure of working with Callie Lynch of Callie Lynch Photography for the photography of Just Two Charm Pack Quilts.  We photographed all of the quilts over two photography sessions in the Smokey Mountains.

I love her photography and I loved being able to be on set and helping direct the shots.  If you see fingers holding up quilts, those are mine :)

Callie Lynch

When we were taking pictures for the front cover of the book, I took a picture of the back of Callie's camera so we could send it to the book design for some instant feedback.  Can you believe that the picture was taken in a laundry room?  I wish my laundry room was as photogenic (or clean).

I even convinced Callie to sit for a short interview about taking pictures of quilts.  At the end, she gives a great tip for improving your quilt photography.


You can grab a pre-sale, signed book bundle right now over in my pattern shop, the sale ends on Saturday, April 22nd at midnight ET.  In the $25 + shipping bundle, you will receive:

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  • Meadow Mist Designs sticker
  • Chance to win a purple version of Somerville Circle quilt from the book.

1. Add the Just Two Charm Pack Quilts Book to your cart.

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I will add the sticker to your shipment and enter you into the drawing for the Somerville Circle quilt.  
If you have any questions with the listing or purchase, e-mail me at and I will help you. 

There is also a digital bundle and offers for those outside the US.



  1. Now I know why it's hard to get good quilt photos in my house, it has horrible lighting. Hope the presales are going well. I'm looking forward to the book coming out in May.

  2. I can't wait to listen to the video and get some photography tips. It sounds like a pretty amazing opportunity to get to be there for both photo shoots!

  3. I've always loved photography, since I was 10 actually, when I received an old box Brownie camera. I'll watch the video later as I'm always after tips for better snaps. Oh & I worked out how to download my free patterns. Thank you so much. Take care & hugs from a cool & cloudy down under.


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