Monday, April 10, 2023

Just Two Charm Pack Quilts - Picking Fabric A and Background Fabrics

The count down in on!  The pre-sale for Just Two Charm Pack Quilts will start in just one week and the book will officially launch in late May.  I am so excited!

As part of the launch, I have recorded a number of videos showing some of the quilts from the book and giving some helpful tips.  

You can find the introductory post and video.

All about expanding one charm pack into two post and video.

The book, Just Two Charm Pack Quilts, stretches two charm packs into larger throw-sized quilts by adding in an additional fabric (called fabric A in the patterns) and a background fabric.  

I'm back today with another video for the series for some tips on how to pick out your fabric A and background fabric.  This can help with fabric selections for all of your quilts, not just ones for the book.

Just Two Charm Pack Quilts - Picking Out Fabric A and Background Fabric Video


For some of the quilts in the book, like Taylors Square shown below, both the charm prints and the fabric A (the gray solid) touch the background fabric (the white solid).  The charm prints never touch the fabric A.  

In this case, you would want to pick a background fabric that has good contrast with both the charm prints and fabric A.  In many charm packs, the prints tend to be medium in tone so picking a lighter or darker background works well.  

Fabric A can be any fabric that has good contrast with the background fabric.  You could even use some yardage of one of the charm pack prints. 

Taylors Square
Pieced and Quilted by Cheryl Brickey
Photo by Stash Publications


For other quilts in the book, like Gift Box and Carnegie Plaid shown below, the charm prints are next to both fabric A (the white solid in both quilts) and the background fabric (the light gray in Gift Box and dark gray in Carnegie Plaid).  Additionally, the fabric A and background fabric are also next to each other.

In this case, you want to make sure that the charm prints, the fabric A, and the background fabric all have good contrast with each other.  When your charm pack has mostly medium tones, the easiest way of doing this would be to use a light fabric and a dark fabric (or vis versa) for fabric A and the background fabric.

Gift Box
Pieced by Jackie Callis & Quilted by Carol Alperin
Photo by Stash Publications

Carnegie Plaid
Pieced and Quilted by Cheryl Brickey
Photo by Stash Publications


From only April 17th - 22nd, I am going to be offering a super bundle for signed books that will include additional stand alone patterns, a sticker, and a chance to win a quilt I made from the book. More details soon :)


Pre-Sale Dates April 17 - April 22 - I am going to be offering a super bundle for signed books that will include additional patterns, plus a chance to win a quilt from the book that will only be available during this pre-sale. More details soon :)

Publication Date May 25th - Just Two Charm Pack Quilts' official publication date right now is May 25th. The exact date may still change a tiny bit due to printing or shipping delays.


I will be having my signed book bundle sale, but if you prefer to shop at Amazon, The Just Two Charm Pack Quilts is available as a pre-order through Amazon (affiliate link).


In late July/early August, there will be a book hop where a bunch of quilters will be showing off their versions of the book quilts. I love seeing everyone's take on the designs and am excited to see what they make.


I will be hosting a sew along for the book starting in January 2024. This will be a super fun and easy going quilt along and I hope that you will join in! More details to come...



  1. It's always interesting to hear how you picked the fabrics for your quilts. You make it easy to pick fabrics for your mystery quilt alongs because you always include what fabrics are next to what other fabrics. I'm really looking forward to the book release.

  2. I really love the way you discuss which fabrics touch one another in your quilt designs; it's such a very helpful way to audition fabric choices!

  3. Am enjoying your countdown to the book launch & find it interesting how others go about choosing fabrics. I'm always wondering how blog hops work? I've already looked at my basket of either charm bundles or the 5" squares squirreled away from many years ago (late 90s) from a shop that mailed them to you, when new fabrics arrived. Thanks for the inspiration, take care & hugs.

  4. This looks to be an awesome book. Loved making ShipsAhoy and can't wait to see all the new quilts in book #2.


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