Wednesday, March 11, 2020

EQ8 ++ Importing Fabric Series ++ Post 5

We are now in the 5th and final post in this series about how you can import fabrics into EQ8.  Here are links to all of the posts

Adding Fabrics into EQ8 for Future Use

EQ8 gives us many standard colors and fabrics as our default when we start a new project in EQ8.  These are a great starting point for most projects, but if you want additional fabrics not in EQ8, you have to load them into your sketchbook for each project...unless you add them to "My Library".  Then your fabrics will be waiting in the library and you can easily add them to each new project.

Step 1 - Open the Fabric Library

Open the fabric library (where you go to add additional fabrics into your sketchbook).

Step 2 - Create a Favorite Library under My Favorite Fabrics

On the left hand side of the window, select "My Favorite Fabrics".  "My Libraries" will appear in the lower left hand area of the window.  Click the "Create Library" button to create a new library and then name the new library.  Good suggestions for names would be fabric collection names, fabric colors, etc.

Step 3 - Editing the Library and Styles

The new library will default to 10 styles.  This can be edited by right clicking on the library name.

You can change the name of the styles by right clicking or using two single clicks on the style name.

Step 5 - Adding Fabric to your Favorite Library

Using the "Import" button, import your desired fabric images from your hard-drive (Importing fabrics from your hard drive is shown in more detail in a previous post).

Select the fabrics within the window and press copy (or use Control-C for PC or Command-C for Mac).  Go back to your new library and style and paste the fabrics.  Click the "Save Library" button to save the library.

Congrats!  From this series you now know how to import different fabric images from a variety of sources, do basic scaling and editing, and how to add them to your favorites library to easily access them in each project.

I hope you have found this series helpful!!

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  1. Thanks for this very helpful series! I loved all your posts. xo Melanie


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