Wednesday, March 4, 2020

EQ8 ++ Importing Fabric Series ++ Post 4

I hope that you are finding this series about importing fabrics into EQ8 helpful.  So far we can covered importing fabrics from Electric Quilt and from fabric manufacturers' websites.

Here are the posts that will be in the Importing Fabrics into EQ8 blog series, that will be posted each Wednesday:

Resizing and Cropping Fabrics in EQ8

Sometimes you have a fabric image that is not scaled correctly in EQ8.  For example, a flower that measures 5" in real life on a fabric may show up as measuring only 1-2" in EQ8.  Today, I will be taking you through the very quick steps to fix the scale of your image so that it renders correctly in your EQ8 quilt top.

Step 1 - Open the Image Worktable

The Image Worktable is the green worktable button all the way on the right hand side of the screen (circled in red).  One way to know that you are in the Image Worktable is that the ribbon header is green.

Step 2 - Open the Image

Under the Image - Edit tabs, click the Import Image button (circled in red).  Navigate to where the image is stored on your computer and select the image you want to scale. The fabric should be &' wide but in EQ8 it is showing almost 10" in width.

Step 3 - Scale the Image

Click the Scale Fabric button and type in the actual fabric width in inches.  For this example, I am using a Ruby Star for Moda print that has a ruler so I can easily see that the fabric should be 7" wide.  If your fabric does not have a ruler, you can manually measure the width using the actual fabric and a ruler.

Step 4 - Crop Image if Necessary

If you image has a ruler (or other markings) you would like to delete.  Select the crop button (circled in red) to crop out the unwanted elements.

Step 5 - Add as a Fabric

Once you are satisfied with the fabric image being scaled correctly, you can press the Add a Fabric button (circled in red).  This will add the image as a fabric and it will show up with the other fabrics in your Block and Quilt Worktables.

I hope that this helps solve the problem of fabric images not scaling correctly in EQ8.  Next week we will learn how to add fabrics to your favorites library so that they are easily available in every project.

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  1. I feel sooooooo much better now that I have taken your workshop. I've designed a few blocks already and feeling excited. Thanks again.

  2. Love this series! Thank you so much xo Melanie

  3. Thanks for another great tutorial! Been playing a little with minimalism from our class - loving it!


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