Monday, December 2, 2019

Arrow Point Path ++ Baby Size

A co-worker was due to have a baby boy in January so I had just started planning her baby quilt when we found out that the doctors might induce the pregnancy early due to a medical condition.  The baby shower was all of a sudden scheduled less than a week out.  I needed to make a baby quilt and fast!

I decided to use one of my favorite patterns, Arrow Point Path.  I like how in this pattern, the block sizes are scaled so even at a baby size, you get the full impact the blocks and design.

I knew that I did not want to use a white background due to the quilt being for a baby, so I went up into my sewing room to see what I had available.  I have a bolt of the FreeSpirit Solid in Cerulean which looked perfect for a baby boy.

I combined the blue background with white, gray, and black scrap prints from my stash.  How is it that I cut all of the prints from my scrap bin and yet it does not look any smaller? :)

I picked a Me + You modern batik print for the backing.  The quilt was the perfect size to use with a single width of backing fabric, no piecing the backing, yeah!

The blocks came together quickly and easily and soon I was onto basting and quilting.  I quilted using a stipple (one of my favorite designs).  I timed myself and had the quilting complete in less than 18 minutes.

After a quick photo shoot, the baby quilt was washed and ready for gifting.

The mom loved the quilt and even better news was that she found out that she would most likely not have to deliver early!

If you want to pick up your own copy of Arrow Point Path (which contains instructions for baby, lap, twin, and queen sizes) you can get it in my pattern shop.

Here are the other two versions of Arrow Point Path I have made (both lap sizes).

Photo by Michelle Bartholomew


  1. Very pretty! That is one lucky baby!

    Sandy A

  2. WHAT?! You completed the quilting in 18 minutes. You're my hero!

  3. Scraps have a way of multiplying that I haven't sorted out just yet. I love how this came together and it's great news that your coworker might not have to deliver early. Fingers crossed for a healthy baby and mom when the time is right.

  4. Oh, Cheryl, I absolutely love it! It’s stunningly beautiful! I wish your coworker a healthy baby and a smooth delivery.

  5. Gorgeous baby quilt! I really like the blue background. And yes, scraps multiply don't they?! My goal for the beginning of 2020 is to make a few scrappy quilts. I have scraps everywhere!!


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