Wednesday, December 11, 2019

QuiltCon 2020 ++ Quilt Submissions

Did you submit any quilts for QuiltCon 2020?  I submitted six quilts this year and I am happy to say that I will have three quilts hanging in the show (plus one in an exhibit).  Here are my submissions and results:

1. Logging into Alchemy (group quilt) - Accepted

Logging into Alchemy was created by the Modern Design Lab, a small group of quilters I belong to.  We each made log cabin style blocks that incorporated at least one half square triangle.  We used blues, grays, and orange Painters Palette fabrics that Paintbrush Studios provided for us.  Then, as a group we turned figured out how to get all of the different sized blocks into a quilt top.  Straight line quilting and some amazing binding (by Paige of Quilted Blooms) finished the quilt.  Many thanks to Hobbs for the batting and Aurifil for the thread.

2. Jupiter (Stripes Challenge) - Accepted

For the APQ Stripes Challenge, I wanted to explore the use of quilting as the main "stripe" element.  I created this minimalist mini quilt (about 17" square) using just three pieced dark blue stripes on white negative space.  Then I used randomly spaced match stitch quilting using a thick gold 12 wt Aurifil thread over the entire quilt.  My son said the gold of the thread reminded him of his tuba and thought I should take a picture of the two together, so the quilt is named after the tuba brand.

3. Stripes on Stripes on Stripes (Stripes Challenge) - Rejected

In my day job, I write patent applications on textiles.  One of the things I do often is selectively pull out the warp or weft fabrics from a woven fabric to look at the individual yarns.  I noticed one day that when some of the yarns are removed, it makes the fabric look striped.  That was the inspiration for this work.

I took squares of a dark blue Kona fabric and selectively pulled out some of the weft yarns to make little striped fabric squares.  Then, I appliqued the striped fabric squares in striped columns on negative.  The negative space itself is striped using white quilting thread.  Therefore there are stripes, on stripes, on stripes.

4. Robo-bot (Hoffman Fabric Challenge) - Rejected

Robo-bot was my submission into the Hoffman Fabric Challenge.  I had just finished up my Camden Road quilt with all of its flying geese and just wanted to play with fabric.  The quilt top was made using improv without the use of rulers until the borders were added.

I hand quilted the quilt using a very organic, big stitch quilting design to highlight the imperfections and randomness in piecing.

5.  Aisle Path Lighting (Small Quilt) - Accepted

I made Aisle Path Lighting in August for my local guild's, the Greenville Modern Quilt Guild, challenge.  We randomly picked three Crayola crayons and had to make a modern mini (no side greater than 36").  I had picked a dark blue, sunny yellow, and bright grass green color.  I used improv piecing to make the quilt and a combination of hand and machine quilting to finish it.

6.  Wooly Bear (Modern Traditional) - Rejected

I made Wooly Bear for the Michael Miller challenge category last year and it was not accepted into QuiltCon 2019 so I thought that I would try again.  More pictures and information are in the Wooly Bear post.

7.  Disappearing Oranges - Part of the Quilt of the Month Exhibit

Disappearing Oranges, a quilt and pattern I made the for the Modern Quilt Guild will be shown in the Quilt of the Month Exhibit at the show.

I hope that you had good news on your submissions, I look forward to seeing all of the wonderful quilts in February!


  1. I'm wondering how many of your readers know what a wooly bear is.

  2. I really love the creativity in Stripes on Stripes on Stripes. I'm excited to see the quilts that were accepted in person soon!

  3. All are beautiful. I especially love the Aisle Path Lighting quilt. I can't wait to see them at the show!!

  4. Congratulations! I look forward to seeing some of them in person and you in class Saturday morning!

  5. Congratulations on your lovely quilts. They are so varied and interesting. Hard to believe only 3 were accepted.

  6. Oh my lord how could they not accept the wooly bear entry! I love this quilt! Would buy the pattern in a heartbeat!!!

  7. Beautiful work - all of them!! I really love your group quilt and Jupiter and Robo-bot and ... and ... and ... ;-)

  8. You've done some lovely work this year Cheryl. Congrats on so many being accepted into the show. I especially like the group quilt.

  9. I sure love your work Cheryl. Hmm.... My favorites are probably the Aisle Path Lighting and both of the Stripe Theme quilts. All are stunning. Congrats on your acceptances and best of luck at the show!!

  10. They are all beautiful....all winners to me! I especially like #6 and #7! They speak to me! Maybe it’s the orange!

  11. Congratulations, Cheryl! Three quilts accepted is fantastic! I choose not to do quilt shows of any type, so no submissions from me, only joy in others' success!

  12. Congratulations - all of them are amazing! I really, really love Aisle Path Lighting... maybe it's because I've been on planes so much lately! :-)

  13. Congratulations. I look forward to seeing them in real life :) xo Melanie

  14. Congratulations! I love both the accepts and the rejects. Hope to see them (and you :-) in person at Austin.

  15. Congrats on the acceptances! From what I've read on other posts, the competition was pretty stiff this year, so to get three accepted is exceptional.

  16. That is an wonderful set of quilts, Cheryl! Love the variety! Stripes on Stripes on Stripes and Jupiter are my favourites, mostly because what the represent :)

    Congratulations and wishing you a wonderful holiday season!


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