Tuesday, September 11, 2018

All About Meadow Mist Designs Mystery Quilts

I have had a number of inquires from guilds about my mystery quilts in recent weeks so I thought that I would write a post answering some frequently asked questions and highlighting all of my mystery quilts available ...

Mystery Quilt FAQ

1.  Can our guild use one of your mystery quilt patterns?  
Yes!!  I would love for your guild to use one of my mystery quilts as a quilt along for your group!  You can run the quilt along as a mystery quilt or you can share the quilt design at the start of the quilt along for a regular quilt along.

2.  Where can I find the mystery quilt patterns?
You can find all of the information and instructions about each mystery quilt in the Quilt Along tab above.

3.  What is the cost for our guild to use one of your mystery quilts?  
Free!  All of the pattern instructions for the mystery quilt are in posts that you can get to from the Quilt Along tab.  If you would instead like a more easy-to-print version of the pattern, I have a pdf of the entire pattern listed in my Etsy shop for $10.

4.  If I purchase the pdf of the mystery quilt from your Etsy shop, do I need to purchase a copy for each participant?
No :)  You only need to purchase 1 copy of the pdf version of the mystery quilt for your entire guild.  You are allowed to make as many copies of the pattern as needed and to e-mail the pattern to participants.  I only ask that the pattern is not published on a website (like a guild blog or web page).

Do you have any other questions?  You can always reach me at MeadowMistDesigns at gmail dot com or leave the question in a comment on this post.

Mystery Quilt Options

Foothills Mystery

Midnight Mystery

Meadow Mystery

Magnolia Mystery

I hope you guild decides to use one of my mystery quilts and that you send me the finished pictures :)


  1. If you decide to use Cheryl's Mystery Quilt patterns, you will not regret it. Her instructions are clear and there is always some unexpected twist to keep you guessing!

  2. Fun to see all the mystery quilts together!

  3. One of these days I am going to make the Foothills quilt! It's the only one I haven't done. :D

  4. I love how generous you are with your QALs, Cheryl!!

  5. Thank you for allowing guilds to use these patterns. Your support of quilting is so appreciated. I do love the way the quilts from your patterns come together so nicely.

  6. You’re the best! This is a timely post for all those groups who take the summer off and restart their sewing machine engines in the fall.

  7. Love every one of your mystery quilt patterns.

  8. Each of these mystery patterns are wonderful! I've participated in two of them and had a blast!

  9. I've done all but the first mystery and have enjoyed each one. You do such a great job of explaining how the fabrics interact, it makes it easier to pick good fabric combinations.


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