Thursday, September 27, 2018

Modern Plus Sampler Quilt ++ My Small Plus Signs

Are you quilting along with the Modern Plus Sampler?  It is not too late to join in and the quilt along is run on a nice and slow pace.

This month's instructions were for the small plus sign blocks.  Here are mine :)

There have been some wonderful small plus signs posted on the Facebook Group and on Instagram (#ModernPlusSamplerQuilt).  If you have a chance, please check them out :)

You can find the Small Plus Block instructions for September here and find out all about the quilt along here.

The next set of instructions will be posted on Thursday, October 4th.


  1. I really like your choice of fabrics for these plus signs!

  2. I love the black and white fabrics, stunning. I can't join in with this quilt along but I'm looking forward to seeing all the different interpretations.

  3. This project looks amazing! I really like your blog to visit! Congratulations on a good job.

  4. Love the fabric you've chosen for the background of these pluses.

  5. I really like that chemistry/math/physics fabric you've used for the background in one of your crosses


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