Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Magnolia Mystery Quilt Reveal Parade ++ Day 3

Welcome to the 3rd and final day of the Magnolia Mystery Quilt Parade!  The prize winners will be posted tomorrow on March 8th.

You can see all of the Day 1 quilts here and the Day 2 quilts here.

We have almost 200 versions total and they are all beautiful! Thank you so much to everyone who has been taking part or following along in the Magnolia Mystery Quilt!  The entrants were free to change up the design any way the liked so in addition to seeing hundreds of colorways, you will see tons of different borders, alternative layouts, and ways of expanding the design.

Grab some coffee or tea and some cake and take some time to look through over the final set of about 70 wonderful versions of the Magnolia Mystery Quilt.

Just as a reminder, the mystery quilt instructions can be found for free on the blog in the tab above and they will never be taken down so you can start at any time. (I also now have the entire set of instructions for sale as an easy downloadable pdf).

141.  Mary M.

142.  Fonda B.

143.  Isabelle D.

144.  Becky G.

145.  Melanie H.

146.  Sally J.

147.  Kim Z.

148.  Pam B. from Rancho Viejo, Texas

149.  Catherine T.

150.  Tracy S. from Salem, OR

151.  Nancy C. from Macon, Georgia

152.  Karen H. from Ione, Washington

153.  Sandra M. P. 

154.  Aquila E. @Aquilta

155.  Vicky H. from Utah

157.  Barbara G. 

158.  Paula F.

159.  Sylvia K. from Germany @sommerscheibe

160.  Margaret S. from Fargo, ND

161.  Margaret S. from Fargo, ND (her second version!)

162.  Gretchen W. from Hamburg, NY @ Snug Harbor Quilts

163.  Beryl R. from Salt Lake City, Utah

164.  Joann B.

165.  Cheryl B. from Greenville, SC

166.  Kim O. from Aloha, Oregon

167.  Albert S.

168.  Susan G. @susansquiltstudio

169.  Darleen S. from SC

170.  Karen H.

171.  Janet

172.  Sabra C. from Avon Lake, Ohio

173.  Kare S. from Tigerville, SC

174.  Gwen H. from Valley View, TX

175.  Sandy G.

176.  Kelly F. from Chicago, Illinois @chicagokfox

177.  Moria T.

178.  Rita C. from Juiz de Fora, Brazil @feitocomamorritacouto

179.  Selwyn K. from Lafayette, CO

180.  Audrey D. @ Hot Pink Quilts

181.  Paige D. from Greenville, KY

182.  Joyce D.

183.  Judy H. from Ventura, California

184.  Sandra M. from Blairgowrie, Scotland

185.  Julia W.

186.  Ila M. 

187.  Judy

188.  Jen B. from King's Lynn, UK @jen.barnard

189.  Tiffany T. from Northern California

190.  Kate S. @ Katie Mae Quilts

191.  Sara T.

192.  Charis W.

193.  Tuula M., Scarborough, ON, Canada

194.  Mannhw

195.  Loretta S. from Charlotte, NC

196.  Carol L.

197.  Bambi P.

198.  Kristy A. @crftychik

199.  Beverly L. 

200.  Heidi P. from Byron Center, MI

201.  Marla W.

202.  Maiya M. B. from Portland, OR @threadandcircuses

And there they all are, all 202 versions of the Magnolia Mystery Quilt!!  I hope that you enjoyed seeing all of the different colorways and layouts of the quilts.  Stop by tomorrow to see who wins the prizes (which are given out randomly to those who submit).


  1. I really enjoyed this mystery quilt and will love doing another. Thank you for sharing
    the patttern. It turned out so beautiful and I just love seeing all the others. I have
    many favorites. The women who made these quilts are so creative and I have learned so much.

  2. What an awesome collection of quilts this year!!

  3. I hope everyone puts a label on the back of their quilts giving you credit for the design. I know I did. Then in 50 years you will be remembered.

  4. These have been so much fun to scroll through--all 3 days! Great quilt, great participation. Thank you for the great pattern, and congrats to all who finished!

  5. All of these quilts look amazing Cheryl. Very impressive.

  6. It's been lovely viewing all three days at once. I came to the conclusion it was impossible to choose a favourite, one is better than the next. I love the variety of settings used, and the borders too, so versatile. Congratulations to all participants, when you have a finished quilt top you are always a winner.

  7. Wow, I seen all 3 parades and everyone did a great job! You must be very proud and happy to see so many participants! Well done!

  8. What an awesome quilt parade! I love how open you are to people adapting the design - there are some really neat variations!


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