Wednesday, April 1, 2015

QuiltCon - Judges Comments for Pike's Peak and Oh The Places You'll Go

I have found it very helpful reading some of the judges critiques from other bloggers' QuiltCon quilts, so I thought that I would share mine in hopes that they might help another quilter.

Overall, I did not receive any constructive criticism so in a way that made me happy, but in a way it was just a little disappointing.  One of reasons I entered quilts into this show was to get feedback to learn where I should be improving as a piecer/quilter/designer/etc (none of the other shows I have entered have given feedback so I was looking for advice on where I should focus on improving).

Pike's Peak

I made Pike's Peak for the 2nd issue of Make Modern (and have just released it as a stand alone pattern).   Pike's Peak was placed into the Use of Negative Space category which I think was a good fit.

Here were the judges comments:
  • Quilting compliments design
  • Quilting is well done
  • Piecing is precise
  • Good composition  
I am very happy about the comments around the quality and design of the quilting.  I really think that the quilting really makes this quilt.

Oh the Places You'll Go

This quilt was made for the Michael Miller MQG Challenge using the spring 2014 Cotton Couture colors.  My extra challenge to myself for this quilt was to only use the fabrics (and the amount of fabrics) that we got for this challenge which is why my quilt is on the small side (about the size of a fat quarter).

Here were the judges comments:

  • Good use of color
  • Quilting design works well
  • Good vertical movement


  1. Well obviously, the judges think your work was just beautiful and so do I. I love both of these quilts and they're right, the quilting is perfect in each case.

  2. I can definitely see both sides of your feelings on these comments. I hope it feels great to have received such positive feedback on them both, and I can also see where a bit of insight or critique would be really beneficial for the future. How awesome to have 2 quilts accepted and have such positive things said about them, though! :)

  3. Isn't it crazy, sometimes when we are given constructive criticism we wonder when we will ever have it 'down' just yet but then when we don't get it, we crave to know where the improvement is needed? I do the same thing and as many others do; however with all of the work you put into these two knowing that they may go into the show I am sure spoke volumes in your work overall. I love both pieces and think you went outside your normal comfort zone (from what I have seen since I have been reading your blog) and made it a huge success! Go Cheryl! With that being said, I would just take a huge class of Margarita, a pat on the back and perch up on a comfortable chair and feel hugely accomplished. hehe.

  4. I have entered one quilt show and entered one quilt I had made. I was marked down on the quilting and I did not quilt it. I paid someone to do a pantograph and when I did, I had no intention of entering the quilt in a show ever. So, that remark was well founded. The comment was that the quilting did not fit the quilt. I had high marks on everything else and no ideas for improvement either. When I realized that there were three judges and over 300 quilts and a short time after the quilts were hung, I was pleased that there were any comments at all other than the check marks. I would not want to be a judge; even though there are guidelines, I'm sure it's very subjective. At this quilt show, there was quite a bit of disappointment that there was not a modern quilt judge among the judges. There is a modern quilt guild in our town as well as the guild sponsoring the guild which embraces all forms of quilting. I'm now the librarian for the guild and attend the board meetings as such and am NOT a voting board member. Actually, any member is welcome to attend the board meeting. Just in attending the meetings, I'm finding how difficult it is to please a few members, so trying to please many is impossible. Please accept your wonderful compliments, keep doing what you are doing and strive to improve as you see opportunities. I see as I make friends with more quilters and attend classes, I certainly see places for opportunities. Terrific jobs!

  5. Wow. Thanks for sharing these great quilts. I'm so impressed with how you quilted them both. The quilting is perfect for each quilt.

  6. Well done! I am always happy to see the "Oh the Places You'll Go" quilt. It's one of my favourites made by you :)



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