Thursday, April 9, 2015

Foothills Mystery Quilt Parade!

Welcome to the Foothills Mystery Quilt Parade, we have 16 versions of the quilt pattern on parade today!  Thank you so much to everyone who has been taking part or following along in the Foothills Mystery Quilt! 

Just as a reminder, the mystery quilt instructions can be found in the tab above and they will never be taken down so you can start at any time.  (I also have the entire set of instructions for sale as an easy downloadable pdf).)

Without further are some of the wonderful Foothills Mystery Quilt finishes!

Cheryl @ Meadow Mist Designs

Megan @ Sew Stitching Cute

Carol Johnson

Kristin Kipper


Karen Schleier

Donna Kinsler

 Joyce Alexander

Joanna Yost

Betty Caudill

Johellon George

Dagmar Theodore

Darlene Stanford

Sue Burton

Lynn Parker

Foothills members - I tried to get everyone's name spelled correctly 
and placed with the correct quilt.  If I made a mistake, please let me know

There were a number of quilters in my local guild that did not make the April reveal meeting.  As people send pictures of their finished quilt tops and quilts, I will add them to this post so that all of the finishes can be in one place.

Announcement: New Mystery Quilt-a-Long Starting in July!

I had such fun with this mystery quilt that I will be hosting another mystery quilt this year!  The quilt-a-long will start in July 2015 and finish in March 2016.  There will be prizes this time, I hope that you will consider joining in!

I am linking up to Link a Finish FridayWhoop Whoop FridayThank Goodness Its Finished FridayFinish It Up FridayFabric Frenzy Fridayand Show Off Saturday @ Sew She Can.


  1. How fun to see them in so many different color pathways. Awesome finishes!

  2. Beautiful! It is so fun to get to see everyone else's quilts and fabric selections. I am really excited and will definitely be participating again next year! :)

  3. Wow! Thank you again for hosting this, I had so much fun and love seeing the variety of solutions to this mystery. I am looking forward to your next mystery. :)

  4. Isn' it amazing how different the all look with the changes in colour - and they're all so pretty it's too hard to pick a favourite. I'm definitely up for a mystery quilt along - with that kind of timescale I think I might just manage it!

  5. Wow! The different colors really make certain design elements pop. It's fun to see the variety! Great quilts!

  6. Oh my goodness Cheryl, you must have been delighted with all the wonderful versions of your pattern! I love seeing all the ways people interpreted it! Whoop Whoop for all of you!

  7. So many colour combinations and such a beautiful collection! Really pretty quilts!


  8. One of my favorite things is to see the same quilt design done up in so many different fabrics and colors.

  9. What a lovely parade of quilts. Congratulations to all of the quilters who took part. They all look great.

  10. I love seeing how different they look in all the different fabrics. Depending on the fabric placements I saw different elements first in each quilt. Congrats to you for the design, and thanks to all the participants for sharing some lovely quilts.

  11. That is great to see the variety. The first one from Yvonne caught my eye the most. Well done! It looks like succesful project.

  12. What a gorgeous line up of beautiful quilts! Congratulations on the success of this fun quilt along, Cheryl!

  13. Wonderful pattern and such beautiful quilts!


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