Just One Charm Pack Quilts

Welcome to the Just One Charm Pack Quilts book page!  This page contains information, pictures, and all sorts of information about the book including where to purchase the book, all about the book hop, and more.

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The book hop for the quilt will go from July 14th - 29th over 9 different posts.  Each post goes in depth into two of the book quilts and showcase some additional quilter's versions of the quilt patterns.  Here are links to each day:

Day 1 - Windows and Medallion
Day 2 - Fishes and Star Surround
Day 3 - Ships Ahoy and Magic Carpet
Day 4 - Cat's Eye and Circus Stars
Day 5 - Cozy Cottages and Ninja
Day 6 - Bowtie and Nine-Patch Challenge
Day 7 - One-Eyed Monster and Baskets
Day 8 - Coin Flip and Charming Stripes
Day 9 - Blossom Chains and Goose in the Pond

Direct links to all of the blog hop participant quilts


Every pattern in this book has been tested twice and technical edited, but unfortunately mistakes still happen and for that I truly apologize. The pattern Nine-Patch Challenge on pages 84-88 of the Just One Charm Pack Quilts book contains an error in the cutting of the background fabric for the first printing of the book (the pattern has been corrected for the second printing so if you purchased your book after 8/21 the error should be corrected).

The background (Gray) cutting instructions reads:
Cut 4 strips 6" ×WOF.
Subcut the strips into 20 squares 6" × 6" (each strip can yield 6 squares).

The cutting instructions should read:
Cut 4 strips 6 ½" ×WOF.
Subcut the strips into 20 squares 6 ½" × 6 ½" (each strip can yield 6 squares).

If you have already cut your background pieces, I have two alternations to the pattern that use these smaller background pieces so that no fabric is wasted.  You can find the instructions here


  1. Medallion is my favorite, but I see myself making several of these gorgeous quilts.

  2. Circus Stars and Cozy Cottages are the ones I would make.


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