Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Just Two Charm Pack Quilts Book - Blocks


Happy February!  We are continuing to sew together on the Just Two Charm Pack Quilts Book quilt along by sewing blocks together!

In this post:

1.  Where to get your book if you don't have one yet and want to join in.
2.  Today's instructions...Blocks
3.  Link to Previous Instructions - QAL Overview, Cutting/Prizes, Units
4.  Schedules for all of the 16 quilts in the book.

1. Where to get your book if you don't have one yet and want to join in

All you need for the quilt along is a copy of the Just Two Charm Pack Quilts book and some fabric :)

You can get a physical or digital copy of the book:

2. Today's instructions...Blocks

For the next two weeks (now through February 13th) we are sewing our blocks.  Because the quilt along includes all 16 quilts in the book here are the specific instructions for each pattern (there are also graphics at the bottom of this post for each pattern).  

Gift Box - Blocks
Betty - 1/2 of the blocks
Lover's Lane - 1st and 2nd rows
Morning Flower Patch - Plus blocks
Somerville - All blocks
More Fishies - Rows A-D
Growing Vines - Blocks A-C
Star Rays - Blocks
Diagonal Joy - Block B
Process Flow - Block columns
Taylors Square - Blocks
Carnegie Plaid - Thin and wide units
Snapdragon Cove - Blocks A-D
String Lights - Block columns 1-4
Abby & Katie - Block B
Diamond Hashtag - Blocks

Take a picture of your blocks and share them with everyone :)

3. Links to previous instructional posts:

4. Schedules for all of the 16 quilts in the book.

All book quilt along posts will be posted on Tuesdays.  The general schedule is as follows. 

January 2nd - Cutting
January 16th - Units
January 30th - Blocks
February 13th - Quilt Top
March 5th - Quilt Parade

 I have created graphics for each specific quilt in the book.  You can save the illustration for your quilt you can:
  • Right click and save the illustration to your computer
  • Screen shot or save image to your photo photos.
  • Visit my Google folder which contains each of the images as well as all of the images together in a single pdf.


If you have any questions about the quilt along, schedule, book, etc., you can leave the question in a comment below or reach me at cheryl@meadowmistdesigns.com.





  1. I'm actually on schedule with this project. You paced it well.

  2. You've done an awesome job organizing and pacing for each of the designs in the book!


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