Monday, August 22, 2022

Teaching at Electric Quilt Academy

 I am so happy to be teaching at the upcoming Electric Quilt Academy in Ohio in late September!

This is a wonderful set of workshops that feels more like a retreat with small class sizes.  Plus the group tends to eat meals together so you can make new quilt friends.  You can come for one or all three days.

The workshop is hosted by Electric Quilt in-person from September 29 - October 1, 2022 in Perrysburg, Ohio.  I will be flying into Detroit which is not too far from Perrysburg.

I will be teaching four workshops on Friday and Saturday.  If you are brand new to EQ8, there is a two day beginner class that is always super popular.

Friday, September 30, 2022: 9 am - noon

Friday, September 30: 1-4 pm
Saturday, October 1: 1-4 pm

Saturday, October 1: 9am - noon

Do you use EQ8?  Are going to attend (or thinking about) attending EQ Academy?  Would you be interested in an online EQ8 workshop?


  1. That sounds fun. Really neat topics

  2. That sounds wonderful! Have a great time there.


  3. I have EQ7 which I have not learned to use in its most basic. I don't know when if ever I will take the plunge.

  4. I love my EQ7. I’m self-taught on the program. I’m thinking about upgrading to 8 but haven’t taken the plunge yet. Would love to take a class but schedule is tight that week.

    1. EQ8 is very intuitive compared to EQ7. If you understand EQ7 then picking up EQ8 should be much easier for you.

  5. What wonderfully enticing classes you have planned. I received EQ8 last year as a requested birthday present from my husband. I go way back with EQ4 and really mastered it, then on to EQ5 and EQ6. Life got in the way and I hadn't touched it for almost 20yrs... now the layout and icons have advanced so much, an online course option would be fantastic!

    1. I love EQ8! I am working on an online EQ8 teaching option for the future.


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