Monday, September 7, 2020

Mosaic Mystery Quilt - Finished at Last!

My Mosaic Mystery quilt is finally finished!

I had the quilt top for the Mosaic Mystery quilt done forever ago (in early 2019 before the quilt along even started), but I had not gotten around to quilting it.  Then I started working on my book and the Mosaic Mystery Quilt had to be put to the side.  

You can find a pdf version of the Mosaic Mystery quilt in my shop.

Because I was not able to finish it, I sent it to Carol Alperin (who quilted a large number of my book quilts) and told her to quilt it whenever she had time.  Carol did a beautiful job on the quilting, using a light pink thread in a flower kind of pattern. 

You can find the Mosaic Mystery Quilt reveal party to see over 150 other versions of the quilt here.

And here are a bunch of other pictures, I love this finish so much that I tried to give it a photo shoot (as much as I was able).

I used Painter's Palette Solids from the Paint Brush Studio for the quilt.  They have the perfect light pink that I used for the backing.

If you are interested in making your own Mosaic Mystery Quilt you can find all of the information on the Mosaic Mystery Quilt blog page and find a pdf version of the Mosaic Mystery pattern in my shop.


  1. The very, very best part of quilt making is the "TaDone!" I love this quilt. I made it w/two different fabric pulls. The tops have been finished every since the challenge ended. I have the backs ready to go. They are on my MUST quilt pile with two ahead of them. One of those will be done this week (I hope!!). I quilt on my sitdown domestic and as the Mosaic quilts will be bed quilts, I will quilt them w/an overall edge-to-edge. Those go very quickly.

  2. The flower inspired quilting compliments the colors in your version so nicely! Hooray for having a finish and I look forward to seeing all the wonderful Morewood mystery quilt finishes coming up. :)

  3. I had my finished top sitting around for quite a while and during the shutdown I decided it was time to have it quilted. So I contacted a longarm quilter and it came out lovely. It is wonderful to have a finish. I love the colors you chose and the quilting is beautiful.

  4. The quilting is fun! Love the curves to all your sharp angles in the quilt. xo


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