Friday, September 4, 2020

Rope Basket #1

I saw a post on Instagram from The Mountain Thread Company asking for volunteers to try their new thicker rope.  I have always wanted to try to made a rope basket so I volunteered.  I was very excited to see I was picked and got my rope in the mail in a few days.

The Mountain Thread Company has a series of 6 short videos on their website covering from picking out the materials all the way through the construction of the basket. After I had picked out my fabric bits I was going to wind candy cane style on the rope, I jumped in.

I used a jeans needle (thicker and tougher), Aurifil 50 wt cotton thread, a zigzag stitch with a width of 7mm, and my Bernina 710.  I was worried with the bulkiness of the rope, my machine would have trouble sewing it or advancing the rope coil, but the sewing went so smoothly and easily.  I did not break a thread or needle.

The basket came together so quickly and I love the end result!  I think that everyone in my family (plus all of the teachers, coaches, scout leaders, etc) are going to get rope baskets this holiday season!

If you want to check out The Mountain Thread Company's ropes and videos, you can find them right here.

Note: The Mountain Thread Company provided me the rope at no cost.  They asked for honest feedback and did not ask for this post to be written.  I wanted to share my experience with the rope and my fun project with you.


  1. That a great project and perfect for gift giving!

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  3. I can see this filled with sewn or appliqued pin cushions as a fun display piece.

  4. It is awesome! I made little fabric covered rope bowls (on a much smaller scale) for everyone for Christmas one year and it was a hit!


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