Monday, February 17, 2020

February EQ8 Block Spotlight

Did you know that each month Electric Quilt highlights a block from the EQ8 Block Library? They share a few ideas on how you could use the block in a unique way in a quilt top then asks EQ users to play and show what they can do with the block.

This month's block is the Flower Wreath and you can find it on EQ's blog here. You can link up your design and see everyone else's on the blog page too.

I have never seen the Flower Wreath in EQ8 (there are so many blocks!) and I really like it.  Here are three quilts I made with the Flower Wreath block...

1. On-Point Layout

I used the On-Point layout to turn the blocks 45 degrees and then only added the Flower Weave to certain blocks, leaving some as plain blocks.  I think that this spaces the blocks out well and avoids the design from looking too busy.

2. Serendipity - Kaleidoscope

I am getting ready to teach EQ8 at QuiltCon later this week and one of the classes is all about using the Serendipity functions to create new blocks.  I decided to use the Serendipity Kaleidoscope function to create an intricate main block and surrounded it with some borders for a wall sized quilt.  Is't it awesome how the block is transformed using the Serendipity function?

3. Serendipity - Fancy Star

For the last design I used the Serendipity function Fancy Star.  I chose to make the star as large as possible and have 8 points.  I really like how the star almost looks woven.  I added a border around the star using the original Flower Weave block.

Which is your favorite design? Have you ever played with and submitted a design in the EQ8 Block Spotlight?

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  1. I like the Fancy Star best. I just got EQ8 for Christmas and haven't had much time yet to play. The Serendipity function looks very interesting!

  2. Oops! I think I accidentally hit "send" on my comment before I finished. As I was saying, your timing is great! I have EQ7 which I have never used but was wanting to get the upgrade so I could start learning this program. Thank you! I absolutely LOVE the Fancy Star! Stars and red, my favorite color. What's not to love? :D

  3. Intricate stars. I like the on-point layout of Flower Wreath so much more.



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