Thursday, January 7, 2016

Midnight Mystery - January Instructions - Quilt Top Assembly

Welcome to the 8th month of instructions for the Midnight Mystery Quilt!  Just as a reminder, there will not be any instructions posted next month (February).

The big reveal will be held on Thursday March 10th!  

To be eligible to win one of the many, many prizes, you will need to e-mail me a picture of your quilt top or completed quilt along with your name and state (or country) by March 8th.  I will collect all of the images and post them together to celebrate the Midnight Mystery quilt!!  (Feel free to share your quilt tops and quilt before then on any social media, no need to keep them secret)

You could easily start the quilt now and have the top or full quilt completed in two months, so if you have not started and like the design, consider joining in!

The previous instructions can be found here:
(all links and other information can also be found in the Mystery Quilts tab above)

And now onto the final is how the blocks will be assembled into the quilt top.  (I have seen from Facebook that a few people have already figured the layout out.)  

One of the nice things about using these really big blocks is that there are only 10 to piece together so sewing them into your quilt top should be pretty quick.

Assemble the quilt top using 8 full blocks (24 ½” x 24 ½) and 2 half blocks (24 ½” x 12 ½”).

Arrange blocks according to the following diagram.  Sew blocks into columns, then sew columns together for the quilt top, pressing all seams open.  The quilt top should measure approximately 72 ½” x 72 ½”.

Binding (straight grain):  5/8 yard
Backing (with a 4” overhang): 4 1/2 yards
Batting (with a 4” overhang): 80” x 80”

1.   Make the quilt backing:
Cut the backing fabric into 2 pieces (81” x WOF) and sew the pieces together along their selvage edges.    
2.   Layer the quilt top, batting, and backing.   Baste and quilt as desired.  

3.   Cut the binding fabric into 8 strips 2 1/2” x WOF.  Sew together the strips end-to-end to make the binding.  Bind and enjoy your quilt.  Thanks for joining the Midnight Mystery quilt-a-long! 

Many thanks to our wonderful Midnight Mystery sponsors!


  1. Oooh!!! I must get cracking on my December sewing. This will be super. Can't wait to get it done. And your reveal is on my birthday!

  2. This mystery is the best I've ever done. Graphic, doable on a busy schedule, downright fun! Fabric selection was joyful, and all the blocks I've seen on Facebook are beautiful. Like Peaches, can't wait to finish it!

    1. Ditto! I agree with everything Amy says. (Well said Amy) I appreciated that the clues were given on the 7th not the 1st of the month. This allowed me a couple more days to finish the previous month. Not that I needed it - but it relieved the stress of thinking I had to get it done before the 1st! I've loved doing the mystery and I'm so happy with this quilt.

  3. I am way behind from moving and regular work. I am just finishing the courthouse steps, and will finally have my sewing machine set up by Friday. Glad to hear we have until March.The deadline will push me.

    Also, really looking forward to the design series. Thanks for teaching it and hosting it!!

  4. Thank you so much for hosting again this year, Cheryl! I am super excited about getting to piece the quilt top together a bit later this morning. I'll have to ponder the backing and binding fabric, but my goal is to use my stash!

  5. Beautiful pattern. Thank you. Warm hugs, Ruthie

  6. It's been fun playing along. Can't wait to get my blocks pieced. But then the hard part...decide how to quilt it. Thanks for hosting!!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing this--it's been so much fun and the quilt top is gorgeous!!

  8. One of the best things about how you run your Mystery Quilts is that you are so encouraging Cheryl. It's so true that someone could still join in even at this point! I'm a bit behind but will be ready in time. It is going to be awesome to see everyone's finished quilts!

  9. I love the pace of the quilt along Cheryl. I'm a bit behind but I'm sure I can catch up in time for the reveal. Yay.

  10. A very fun pattern. I need to get caught up on the December Sewing so I can see how mine looks all set together. Thanks for a fun mystery.

  11. Could I get the instructions for the mystery quilt in a print format. Thanks Jan @


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