Friday, November 22, 2013

Washi Dress #1 Finished!

Well I did it!  I finished my first Washi dress, my first garment I have ever made for myself. 

This is officially a muslin because I got this fabric for $2 a yard at JoAnn's.  I figured using it was actually cheaper than muslin and if it worked out maybe I could actually wear it. 

I made the small size and did not alter the bodice or skirt pieces at all.  I was lucky enough that the neckline and bodice fit without any alterations (because I don't think I could make any successful alternations).  I used Rae's free directions on how to add sleeves, though I drafted my own sleeve pattern because the one included was a little too billowy (I added a little ruffle at the end because it looked a little unfinished plain).

Here are some of my thoughts on the pattern:
  • I was a little worried about the shape of the dress as I have not worn an empire style dress since I was pregnant and did not want to look pregnant again.  I was happy the way it came out though my husband was not convinced of its shape.  I think that maybe lengthening the bodice a little will help with this.
  • I bought the paper version of the pattern and was happy to not have to tape a million pieces of paper together.
  • The part I was worried the most about, the shirring, was probably the easiest part of the whole pattern.  The hardest part was just finding it in Joann's (it is by the elastic not by the thread if you are looking for it).  I just wrapped the elastic thread around the bobbin without stretching it and started sewing.  It worked wonderfully.
  • I love the pockets, so easy!
  • I did not cut out the keyhole in the neckline, I felt like it would be a little low to be comfortable for me.

So Washi #2 plans (yes, I am already planning my next one):
  • Use "real" (aka more expensive) fabric, the Chicopee print I got from Denyse Schmidt or else try a wool plaid and make the dress on the bias.
  • Use my 3/4 sleeves again
  • Lengthen the bodice a little
  • Add a few extra lines of shirring
I don't think that I'll have time before Christmas for my next Washi but maybe I'll be able to make it between Xmas and New Years.

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  1. I can't believe this is your first garment! It really looks nice.

  2. Great job, I love it! My pattern is finally taped together, one day I hope to make the dress.

  3. Congrats on making your first garment! It came out sooo cute! I used to make most of my clothes especially since I was employed at JoAnn Fabrics making store samples! Now I make quilts! :).

  4. You did it and it's GORGEOUS!!! You did an awesome job. It is sooo chic and stylish. Visiting from Finish it up Friday.

  5. Great job, I love your sleeve variation. When you lengthen the bodice, add above the shirring in the back but not in the armhole, and below the bust in the front.

  6. Wonderful job, Cheryl! Looks perfect to me. Can't wait to see version #2 - congrats on a successful first venture into garment making. :o)

  7. Great job for a first garment, it is totally wearable!

  8. Fabulous dress and love how you've adapted the pattern - the sleeves look amazing :D

  9. I can't believe this is this first garment you have made! It's gorgeous.

  10. It looks great...especially for a first! I have a feeling you'll be making more garments in the future. =)

  11. Wow you jumped right in and succeeded with your very first dress. And with pockets too. And designing your own sleeves, no less. I'm so impressed! It looks adorable on you Cheryl!


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