Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Winnings - Yeah!

I had the good fortune to win Christa’s Year of Weekly Giveaways #24 – Kona Solids 6 FQ Pack– back at the end of August from Christa's blog.  A week ago I finally decided what to get and I wanted to share with you the fabric that arrived.

If you have never shopped at Christa Quilts you really should check it out.  She has a great selection (especially of solids), free shipping in the US, and she has the same Bernina 710 sewing machine as me!  I went shopping for Kona solids to fill in my blue stash.  I have a bunch of  dark blues but needed some lighter blues and aquas.  A few FQ extra past the giveaway 6 might have made it into my shopping cart :)

I have ordered from Christa a few times and her service and shipping is always excellent, but what I really wanted to show you was how she packaged each fat quarter.  Each has its own little envelope with the Kona color name and style number on it.  This is so helpful!

I hope you all have an excellent day!

**This is not a sponsored post, while I did win some of the fat quarters I paid for the rest myself and am getting no compensation for this post.  I just am really happy with Christa's store and wanted to share.


  1. I love your picture of them - they all look so inviting laid out together like that!

  2. That is nice packaging. I have ordered from others and received no labels, so had no way of knowing which was what. So there was a lot of guessing. I recently got a gift card for Christaquilts but haven't ordered anything. Guess I need to go shopping!!!!


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