Monday, October 7, 2013

Heather Ross Dance Bag

Last month my daughter who is 3 started dance classes taking tap and ballet.  Not thinking, we showed up at the first class with her shoes in the plastic bag from the store.  All of the other girls had cute little shoe bags.  So what is a crafty mom to do?  Make her a bag of course.

When we got home I allowed her to pick out fabric and because she has such good taste she picked out my brand new Heather Ross strawberries prints (I had not even have the chance to fold it and put it away).  I paired the Heather Ross with a red print from Ruby by Bonnie and Camille.

I used Pink Penguin's lunch bag tutorial (because I liked how you could close it so all of the shoes etc would not fall out.).  The tutorial can be found here:  lunch bag tutorial.

I made the bag a bit larger, about 30% so that it could fit her shoes for years to come.  I also added twill tape into the handles to make them studier.  The pattern is wonderful and now my daughter has a beautiful new bag :)

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