Monday, October 21, 2013

Pile O Fabric Stash Share - 10/21/13

I have been visiting Alyssa's blog (Pile O'Fabric) for a long time, she has wonderful quilt alongs, tutorials, and beautiful quilts.  She started a stash share a while ago where you pull fabrics from your stash to match her colors she selects and post them in her link party.  It always sounded like fun but I could never join in because I had no blog... until now :)

This was actually harder than I thought that it would be but a lot of fun.  I used my Kona color card to get the colors and went digging in my stash.  If this exercise showed me one thing, it is that I have a few holes in my stash.  I have virtually no cream and although blue is my favorite color I seem to not have a wide range of blues but actually have a lot of blues in just two different hues.  I think that this is a good reason to go shopping :)

It was also a little difficult to photograph the fabrics as I was taking the picture under tungsten light at night (a big photography no no) but I figured out how to set my camera to get what I hope are pretty good representations of the colors.

For my fabrics I have some Pezzy, Nature's Christmas, Chicopee, and Quilt Blocks.

Thanks for stopping by!

Pile O' Fabric

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  1. I'm impressed by anyone who can do this because I am hopeless at figuring colours out... and without a Kona card even more hopeless LOL!!


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