Wednesday, February 28, 2024

QuiltCon 2024 ++ My Favorites

I'm back from QuiltCon 2024 and had such a blast!  This was my first time not teaching at QuiltCon in 5-6 years so I had plenty of time to catch up with friends, take my time through the quilt show, and do a little shopping.  

It was very interesting seeing quilts in person that I had only seen as small pictures on my phone and computer.  I loved some more in real life and some did not strike me as much.  There were some absolutely enormous quilts that took me by surprise because in my mind they were much smaller.

So here are my "Cheryl's Choice" quilts.  The information about the quilt and its maker are in the pictures right below the quilt pictures.  Did any of my favorites match yours?

I'm going to start with my friend (and QuiltCon housemate) Yvonne's quilt.  It is absolutely stunning and worthy of its Best Machine Quilting Award.  I am happy to have a picture of Yvonne and I together in front of her Cloudy Night Sky quilt.

The next quilt is Shadow by Scott Culley.  I first saw this quilt from just a few feet away and could not tell what it was.  As I stepped back and took a picture the face emerged.  So cool.


Next up is FISH by Marianne Knops.  I just smiled when I saw this quilt.  So fun and bright.

Next up is Quilter's Workout by Tania Tanti.  The binding she used was sparkly like used for a child's dance costume.  I think that I need more sparkle in my life.

Next is Into the Wind by my good friend Michelle Bartholomew.  The piecing is so impressive!

I am including It's a Trap because of its fun design and wonderful piecing.  Plus it had a bonus that when you used a flash, a secret part of the quilt glowed adding another dimension.  The photo with the flash was taken by Yvonne Fuchs.

I have to include the Greenville Modern Quilt Guild's charity quilt.  I really liked the design and quilting (note - I was not involved in the design or creation of the guild quilt).

And finally, I picked for my Best of Show, I picked Live Stream (What lies beyond the physical world) by Emilie Trahan.  It had everything for me, a stunning design, improv that I would love to be able to do, great quilting, and bright colors.

If you attended QuiltCon, what was your favorite?


  1. It's so hard to pick a favorite, but Mulberry Swirl by Kelly Spell is a quilt that I wish I had designed. I love that she hand dyed the fabrics to get her needed gradation steps. It was such an absolute delight to have so much time with you. Hopefully it won't be years and years before we can get together again!

    1. Aw, thanks for the love, Yvonne! Sending it right back to you!

  2. I love the photo of you & Yvonne, 2 of my favorite designers. Thanks for the quilt parade.

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful time at QuiltCon. There were some awesome quilts on display.

  4. Wonderful recap and fun to see your favorites. Fond memories of a class with you and prior QuiltCons. Hope to get there again in the future!


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