Monday, December 13, 2021

2021 Goal Review and 2022 Goals

Where did 2021 go?  Is it just me or was it just the spring?  Having my kids move up to the high school and middle school and all of their new school and after-school activities has made the time fly by.

I am looking forward to 2022 and teaching in person (safely) at QuiltCon 2022 and starting to meet back in person at the different guild events.

And now for a look back at my 2021 goals and plan for the new year...

My wonderful bloggy friend Yvonne, who blogs at Quilting Jetgirl, hosts an annual planning party to layout goals for the upcoming year. I thought that I would use this post to first go back to my 2021 goals to see if I had actually accomplished them and then post my 2022 goals.  

2021 Goal Check-In

Due to the uncertainty of life this year, I kept my goals for 2021 pretty simple...

  1. Just One Charm Pack book launch - done over the summer :)
  2. Pattern releases - 8 Total: Tahoe, Irish Puzzle, Supernova, Flagstone, Orchid Valley, Chloe, Raindrops, and Reedy River Falls.
  3. Mystery quilt - done, the Macaron Mystery quilt along is under way.
  4. Charity sewing - I am a little behind on this one.  Many of the Just One Charm Pack Quilts book quilts will be donated when I am finished with trunk shows.

2022 Goals

My main quilting related focuses for this year will be:
  1. Working on my next book - this is going to be taking a good amount of my time this upcoming year.
  2. Teaching - I hope to teach more in-person next year and work on some new workshops.
  3. Mystery quilt - the next mystery quilt will kick off in July 2022 and the design is actually already set.
How are your 2022 plans shaping up?  You can read all of the 2022 planning posts at Yvonne's #2022PlanningParty.


  1. Wow, 8 pattern releases AND a wonderful book release? 2021 seems like it was a really successful year!

    That's so exciting that you are already ready to work on your next book. I look forward to when you can share more about that big project. :)

  2. Considering the worldly circumstances, I’d say your 2021 went quite well!

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  4. Great job with 2021 goals!! I love your new book! And so many great new patterns, plus your mystery! Super!!!

  5. A new book? How exciting. Good luck. I don't know where 2021 went, but happy to see it over (not that I want to rush time). It's been a challenging year.

  6. Such great goals! Another book and you’ve already determined the next mystery quilt? Teaching will almost be a rest getting to visit with people 😉

  7. Great goals or the year to come! A new mystery all set? Yeah!!

  8. I am not sure where to start... with the awesome accomplishments of 2021 or the big goals for 2022. I loved seeing all your book round ups and your patterns are always inspiring. And now another book? Exciting... tell us more ;) I am keeping my fingers crossed that you can teach more in person. I know that most adjusted to the video workshops but it is no comparison to real life interaction. Good luck with your goals and all the best for 2022! xo Melanie

  9. Congratulations on a great 2021. It is so exciting to hear there will be a new book!!!! Sounds like a busy year to me and a great plan.


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