Friday, June 4, 2021

Just One Charm Packs Quilts & Cats

I thought it might be fun to highlight my favorite quilt testers Oreo, Reeses, and Piper today.  They took their job of laying on and messing with every fabric, quilt block, quilt top, and finished quilt I made for the Just One Charm Pack Quilts book very seriously.  

These are all in-progress iPhone pictures so they are not the best photo-wise but it they were too cute not to share.

Reeses on the Nine Patch Challenge quilt top

Piper asleep on the job monitoring Baskets piecing

Piper on Baskets while I was trying to cut batting

Reeses and Piper helping with basting Coin Flip

Piper helping to block the Nine Patch Challenge after quilting

Oreo helping with basting Ships Ahoy

Reeses and Piper wrestling over Nine Patch Challenge

Piper modeling the finished Fishies quilt

Reeses getting cat hair on Baskets as I was trying to de-lint and fold it for shipping

Piper getting cat hair on Baskets as I was trying to de-lint and fold it for shipping

Oreo getting cat hair on Baskets (the other version) as I was trying to de-lint and fold it for shipping

Just as a reminder, my super awesome, signed book bundle pre-sale for Just One Charm Pack Quilts ends tomorrow night (Saturday June 5th at midnight EST).  The bundles includes:

  • Signed copy of Just One Charm Pack Quilts book ($25 value)
  • Three (3) individual Meadow Mist Designs patterns, printed or digital ($36 value)
  • Digital copy of Cathedral Window Pincushions pattern ($12 value). This is a special pattern not available for purchase outside of this bundle.
$73 dollar value for $25 plus shipping

You can find out more about the deal here and purchase the deal here.


  1. Oh, your kitties are so beautiful. I miss mine so much, although I only had one, along with my two doggies. She got very sick and it was so sad. I know you love on them every day.

  2. Oh my goodness, I love getting to see Reeses, Oreo, and Piper. This post made my day!!! <3

  3. Your testers seem to approve ☺ and are quite photogenic.

  4. Lovely Cheryl and I do miss my two late cats who also loved helping with my quilting. One even helped me design a quilt I had on the floor when I was arranging the blocks. I walked away for a minute or two, came back & the blocks were all over the place, but accidentally showed a different configuration & I used it. She loved flipping blocks and the other one sat on everything you were trying to do. Thanks for sharing your photos, take care & hugs.

  5. Beautiful cats. It always amuses me how much cats love our fabric and quilts. (even if it does get a little annoying here and there! lol)

  6. Not only beautiful quilts, but fabulous cats :-)

  7. So glad you shared all these cat photos! I have 5 cats (by accident since I keep ending up with the overflow from my daughter's house), and I always enjoy seeing someone else's kitties.

  8. Oreo must be the shy one, he's not in as many shots. Very cute photos. Looks like you have lots of helpers when you quilt. How do you sew, with so many cuties that obviously love quilt snuggles?


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