Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Just One Charm Pack Quilts - Quilt Sizes

 I hope that you are enjoying the different videos for the launch of my next book, Just One Charm Pack Quilts which comes out next month.  The previous videos are:

In today's video, I am answering the most asked question about the book and giving you a sneak peek on the super awesome, pre-sale signed book bundle.

Video #4 - Quilt Sizes & How to Enlarge plus Book Bundle Deal


The number one question I have received about the book is how big are the quilts?  

The quilts from the book are perfect for babies, kids, smaller adult lap quilts, wall hangings, and table toppers.  The smallest quilts are around 36" x 44" and the larger ones are about 52" x 52".  

In the video, I hold up one of the larger quilts called Star Surround (purple background with stars) and it is almost the width of my arms and goes from the floor to about my shoulders.  I would say that it is a nice size lap quilt, but would not be big enough for a 6 foot person to have from his chin to his toes.


This brings us to the second part of the video, three ways of enlarging a quilt.  I hope that you will find this section helpful not only for the book quilts, but any quilt you would like to make.  

If you love a book quilt but really would like it to be larger there are three main methods to change the size:

1. Add borders - You can add simple or complex borders to a quilt top.  This is the easiest way (math-wise) to enlarge a quilt.  Here is Nine Patch Challenge made into a large lap quilt using borders. 

2.  Add more blocks - By adding more blocks you can change not only the size but also the shape of the quilt. This is Coin Flip made into a very large lap quilt by increasing the blocks from 9 to 20.

3.  Resize the blocks - This is the most complex way (math-wise) of enlarging a quilt because all of the piece sizes will need to be recalculated.  However, if you like the design and do not want to change it, enlarging the design is the way to go as the design will be the same, just bigger.  

Here is Cat's Eye transformed into a queen size quilt with the same design, just using a layer cake instead of a charm pack.


For a limited time, this Saturday May 30th through Saturday June 5th, I am offering a signed book bundle.  All details on how to purchase and links to the bundle will be posted on Friday, May 30th.

For only $25 plus shipping, you will get s signed copy of Just One Charm Pack Quilts, 3 stand alone patterns (digital and/or printed), and a digital version of my Cathedral Windows Pincushion pattern.  The pincushion pattern is a great way to use up extra charm squares (each pincushion uses 3 charm squares) and this pattern is not available for sale outside of this bundle.

Please note that all digital patterns will be available for download right after purchase and all printed patterns will be shipped with the book.  

The estimated date I have been given to receive books is June 25th, but this may change based on shipping.  I promise that as soon as I get the books in, I will have them shipped out as quickly as possible.

You can also pre-order Just One Charm Pack Quilts through Amazon (affiliate link).  

Due to shipping costs, the bundle is only available for US mailing addresses.  If you are international and wish to take part in the deal, please email me at and I can estimate the shipping cost.


  1. Great explanation of the options for increasing the size of quilts. It's especially neat to see how going from a charm pack to a layer cake can drastically increase the size of the book patterns!!!

  2. Great info and I loved the video of how to do charm square sets yourself. Well, it is my way to "stay in touch" - not in a creepy way - until we can meet again ;)

  3. Hi Cheryl, congratulations on your upcoming book. The videos were very informative. Take care.

  4. The videos were all fun to watch and provided lots of inspiration. I don't have a lot of charm packs, but have lots of scraps. Now I have lots of ideas to use those up!


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