Thursday, July 16, 2020

QuiltCon Together - 2021

The Modern Quilt Guild decided to move the 2021 QuiltCon show online to protect the safety of of teachers and participants. They made this decision so early to ensure that the online QuiltCon would be the best it could be. 

Registration for QuiltCon Together is now open for MQG members (registration opens for non-members in August) and you can find the course catalog right here.

I will be teaching four different mini workshops (which are recorded workshops with at least 35 min of recorded content and exercises you can watch anytime during QuiltCon with an optional live small group discussion).

DES011 - EQ8 for Beginners - Mini Workshop

Are you new to Electric Quilt 8 and don’t know where to start? You can leave your pencil and graph paper behind when you learn the basic functions and explore the versatility of EQ8 with this beginner workshop. We’ll cover how to navigate the block and quilt worktables, use library blocks and fabrics, create your own blocks, and build a quilt top with the blocks using different block settings, colors, fabrics, sashing, borders, and more. Students must have EQ8 already installed and activated on their computer.

DES012 - Alternative Grids in EQ8 - Mini Workshop

Learn when and how to use the Custom Set feature of EQ8 to create quilt top designs with different sized blocks, sashing, and/or negative space to yield alternate grid designs in this workshop. This is a hands-on intermediate EQ8 class that requires students to have a basic understanding of EQ8. Students must have the EQ8 software already installed and activated.

DES013 - Serendipity Blocks in EQ8 - Mini Workshop 

Looking for ways to create interesting and new blocks using EQ8? Electric Quilt has a special set of Serendipity functions of Frame, Tilt, Merge, Clip & Flip, Shrink & Flip, Kaleidoscope, and Fancy Star Blocks that can create new and interesting blocks for your quilt designs. This an intermediate EQ8 class that assumes that students have a basic understanding of EQ8 and can navigate the program well. Students must have EQ8 already installed and activated. 

DES014 - Modern Quilt Design Using EQ8 - Mini Workshop 

Looking to design more modern quilts using EQ8 with features such as negative space, block scale, and improv-style blocks and quilts? This class will teach you how to render modern quilts using the Horizontal, On-Point, Horizontal/Vertical Strip, and Custom layouts, and which layout is the appropriate starting choice for each design. This an intermediate EQ8 class that assumes that students have a basic understanding of EQ8 and can navigate the program well. Students must have EQ8 already installed.

Are you planning on attending QuiltCon Together?  Which workshops and lectures did you sign up for?


  1. I signed up for all of your EQ classes. I have just a little bit of experience with EQ but I know I can learn a whole lot from you!

  2. I loved your Alternative Grids class at QuiltCon this year so I signed up for Modern Quilt Design this next year. Can't wait. Maybe I'll do Serendipity too either next year or this year if it is still available. Great classes!!

  3. Would the EQ8 for beginners help me with EQ7?


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