Wednesday, January 29, 2020

EQ8 ++ Turning Seam Lines On/Off

Ready for another EQ8 tip?  Did you know that you can easily turn the seam lines on and off in the quilt top in EQ8?  Showing the seam lines is great to see how the quilt top is put together and hiding the seam lines gives you a better idea on how the actual quilt would look pieced with fabric.

There are two ways of turning the seam lines on and off.

Method 1

While your mouse is on the quilt top in the Quilt Workshop, right click.  This brings up a menu where you can turn the seam lines on and off for the blocks and pieces.

 Quilt top with all seam lines

Quilt top with seam lines only around the blocks

Quilt top with no seam lines

Method 2

On the right hand side of the screen right over the question mark button is a Hid/Show Quilt Patch Lines button.  Clicking this button will turn on and off all seam lines.

I hope that you have found this tutorial to be helpful!  Happy designing!!

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  1. Wow, thanks for that tip! It looks so much more "realistic" without the seam lines. I'm still trying to figure out EQ8 ... very slowly ... this helps.

  2. I am grateful for your tips. Congrats for being an "ambassador for EQ.. I have 6 and have had such a difficult time in learning.. so it went on a shelf. I am trying again.. and will be upgrading. Your tips and discount has helped me to decide sooner than later.

    I design my quilts with graph paper, pencil, and ruler... then color with map (color) pencils. Now it will be easier to design. I hope.

    Will you be offering more tips, and by chance online classes?

    Thank you again.

    1. Hi Susan - I am glad you have found the posts helpful. Yes, I am planning on a bunch more posts around EQ8. In February I am planning a multi-part blog series on getting fabrics into EQ8.

  3. Thanks for this tip Cheryl. Whenever I want to see my quilt w/o the lines I always go to print preview. This is so much faster and easier!

  4. I knew method 2 but not method 1 - thanks for the tip!

  5. Love this feature. To take another step-my question-can you make seam lines another color within a block design. I have been working with log cabin blocks-both curved and straight. Alot of the blocks are done with black fabrics. I can't see the seam lines. Is there a way to make the lines another color-like white or yellow?

    1. That is a great question. I looked into it and it does not appear that you can change the seam line color. But if you export the quilt top as a jpg, the resultant jpg tends to have lighter seam lines that show up on darker fabrics.


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