Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Why We Quilt

I would love to share some good news today, I was included in Thomas Knauer's new book :)

I was contacted by Thomas Knauer if one of the quilts I had made could be used in a book he was writing called Why We Quilt (affiliate link).  I was so honored to be asked I accepted immediately.

The quilt he wanted to place in his book was Drizzle.  I made the quilt as part of Christa Watson's book launch for her book Machine Quilting with Style.  Drizzle is made from Christa's book pattern called Rain and because I made it about half size, I called mine Drizzle :)

Also in the book is a quilt I designed but did not make.  Allison Dutton made a version of my pattern Use Your Illusion (she called hers Emerging Illusion) as part of a charity bee.  I got to see this quilt hanging at QuiltCon and loved the different colors she used in the quilt.

The entire book is both inspirational, reading about why quilters quilt, and eye candy for all of the beautiful quilt pictures.  I am excited to have added this book to my quilt library.

You can pick up a copy of Why We Quilt on Amazon (and you can find the pattern for Use Your Illusion in my Etsy shop).

Note: all photos courtesy of Storey Publishing except for Emerging Illusions, taken by Allison Dutton.


  1. Congratulations! Of course you’d be included! Love Allison's version of Use Your Illusion! It’s nice to see someone else’s work. It’s next on my list to kit up and have ready to make.

  2. How exciting is that?! Congratulations! You are a great inspiration to many people...your spot was well deserved!

  3. I love your Drizzle quilt! It so reminds me of rain! Congrats, Susan

  4. Congratulations! That quilt is so much fun and so much fun to be published in this terrific book.

  5. Congrats Cheryl! I'm waiting for the book to arrive. Looking forward to reading it soon.

  6. This is so exciting Cheryl. I love all of Thomas Knaur's books. I really love him as a designer and as a writer about quilts. So I'll be adding this one to my collection as well and it will be extra special because it will have your quilts in it as well.

  7. Very cool! Congratulations! I'm not familiar with Thomas Knaur, but I'll definitely check out this book.

  8. Congratulations!!!!!! So exciting! And I love that you named a smaller version of "Rain" "Drizzle!" :)


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