Thursday, October 17, 2019

Dumpling Pouch ++ Aurifil Artisan October Challenge

As an Aurifil Artisan I have the opportunity to take part in some monthly challenges. This month's (October) was to create something using at least 5 Aurifil thread colors.

I traveled to see my sister this past weekend and thought that it would be great to be able to make something for this month's challenge that I could give as a gift to my sister.  After searching through many patterns on the internet, I arrived at the Dumpling Pouch by Sew Sweetness. I loved how the top of the pouch is curved giving it a slightly different look.

I have made a number of Sew Sweetness patterns before and they are always easy to understand and she has great videos to go with most of her patterns. The Dumpling Pouch is one of her free patterns that you can find right here.  I decided to make the smallest version (mostly due to the length of zipper I had already in my sewing room).

I knew that I wanted to play with some of the special stitches on my Bernina, there are so many stitches that can give different decorative looks that I never use.  I also decided to use really thick Aurifil thread, 12 wt, to make sure that the stitches stood out from the fabric.

I paired some pink linen-looking fabric with 5 Aurifil colors in 12 wt:
  • 2420 - Fleshy Pink
  • 2535 - Magenta
  • 2530 - Blossom Pink
  • 2435 - Peachy Pink
  • 2024 - White
I first used four of the colors to make the swirl stitch design using stitch 656 on my Bernina.  Then I filled in the space between the swirls with some match-stitch quilting with the white thread.

A purple zipper and some white and pink polka dot fabric for the inside completed the pouch.  My sister and I took the pouch on a photo shoot around Washington DC and had fun taking some good and some pictures of the pouch.  This picture was taken on a wooden bench in the Smithsonian Sculpture Garden right off the National Mall.

Thanks Aurifil for including me on this challenge!


  1. Ooh, what a cool stitch; I'm already thinking about how to re-create it as a free-motion quilting motif! I really like the way the 12-wt thread stands out. What a great gift for your sister and fun photo shoot.

  2. What a cute pouch--lucky sister! Did you use the 12wt in your bobbin, too? I've never tried that and always worry it will be too thick, although I'm not sure why I think that.

  3. Very pretty! What a fun gift for sister.

  4. What a cool way to use one of those fancy stitches on your sewing machine that never seem to get used. The pouch is so cute, a great gift for your sister.

  5. It’s so pretty! I love making zippered pouches! I made a tote last year to experiment with those decorative stitches. It came out beautiful, but the stitches took sew long.....I don’t think I’d have the patience to do it again. Maybe on a small project, like your adorable pouch.

  6. Super cute pouch--I love that stitch!!! Now I'm off to see if my machine has something similar. Great combination of thread colors, too. Lucky sister!

  7. Fun stitches Cheryl! And super cute pouch. Great job.

  8. A very sweet dumpling pouch! Love the last photos :)


  9. Love it! Very clever use of machine embroidery - super pretty!

  10. Well I just LOVE this pouch Cheryl, and how you quilted it! Funny, this is the second dumpling pouch I've seen in two days!


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