Friday, December 21, 2018

New Printed Patterns

I also happy to announce the addition of 13 newly printed patterns to my Etsy shop and wanted to add a special coupon code to celebrate.

Using the coupon codes below, you can get free shipping and additional discounts off printed patterns in my Etsy shop for the next 3 days (through Monday December the 17th).

1PRINTEDmmd - free shipping on the purchase of one printed pattern.
2PRINTEDmmd - free shipping and $2 off the purchase of two printed patterns.  
3PRINTEDmmd - free shipping and $4 off the purchase of three printed patterns. 

When coupons are used they will show up as a discount off the total purchase price of the patterns ($2.25 for the shipping cost combined with the addition discounts: 1PRINTEDmmd = $2.25, 2PRINTEDmmd = $4.25, 3PRINTEDmmd = $6.25)  

Yes, you can use the coupon codes with the special $8 introductory pricing for Isosceles Addition for an even better value for just a few more hours!

You can find all of the available printed patterns right here :)

Are you a quilt shop owner?  I offer all 29 patterns wholesale directly to quilt shops and most through the major distributors (Brewer, United Notions, Checkers).  You can contact me at MeadowMistDesigns at gmail dot com for more information.


  1. Wow, congratulations on 13 new printed patterns!!!!

  2. 29 patterns is awesome. You do great work. Merry Christmas.

  3. You have been busy as an Elf! I love seeing the continuity of all your patterns together!


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