Friday, November 23, 2018

Quilter's Planner

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful week and those that celebrated Thanksgiving had wonderful and stress-free holiday with lots of good food!

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I am started to plan for next year and am spending the day starting to fill out my Quilter's Planner 2019 calendar.  I have a bunch of dates and fun events I already need to put in.  When do you start to write in your next year's planner?

Last month when Yvonne was visiting, we watched Christopher @the_tattooed_quilter’s recent webinar for the Modern Quilt Guild, Perfecting the Perfect Flat Lay. We decided to try our hand at taking some styled pictures of the Quilter's Planner (affiliate link).

We learned 1) we also have more little items to include the photo than we thought we did and 2) it actually was very fun! Here are some of the pictures Yvonne and I took. What do you think?

I just learned about some super sales for the Quilter's Planner...

1) If you order a planner between Friday the 22nd through Monday the 26th, you will get a free set of three Planner Pocket Notes (brand new, see pic below).

2) You can use the code VIP5 for $5 off your order (in addition to the free pocket note planners)

Also, all Quilter's Planners also come with the Magazine with a sampler quilt I designed and over a dozen other patterns.

You can find the Quilter's Planner here and the Planner Pocket Notes here.

Also, don't forget about the Meadow Mist Designs pattern sale going on: in my Etsy shop add three patterns (digital, print, or combo of both) to your cart and use the code BUY2GET1 for $10 off your order through midnight on Monday.


  1. Love the photos! You did find some great props to go with the planner.

  2. Loved the added items in the photos, especially the great colors of threads and the cute pincushion. I want one of those!!! lol

  3. The photos turned out great, Cheryl, and it was fun to test out what we learned together!

  4. Boy, this Quilters Planner has really taken off and grown! Such a good sale! And what a fun way to spend a visit with another Quilty friend. You ladies did so good! I have trouble with webinars and you tube how to videos. They are so wordy and I become so 8mpatient.

  5. Flat lays are so fun! I used the coupon for the mini planners (I LOVE the big one) and they showed up a couple days ago in the mail. I cannot wait to start using them! Thank you!


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