Friday, November 16, 2018

Feathered Kaleidoscope ++ mini quilt

I recently participated in a South Carolina Modern Quilt Guild mini quilt swap and I would love to show you what I made and the mini i got in return.

The mini swap was between members of the of the three Modern Quilt Guilds in South Carolina, Greenville MQG (my guild), Palmetto MQG (Columbia) and Charleston MQG. The rules were that the mini had to be less than 24" on each side and no extras were allowed to be included.

I was given my swap partners name, Leesa (from the Palmetto guild) and her preferences. She was really open to most designs and colors.

A feathered star has been on my bucket list for the longest time so I figured this was the perfect opportunity to make one (and with it being a mini, I only had to make one block :)

I wanted the points to match well, so I designed a feathered star that was paper pieced. The block measures 18 ½" square and then I added 2" borders for a finished quilt size of 22 ½" square.

I kept the quilting simple because there was so much going on with the piecing.  I simply echoed the seam lines in the star and the background using 50 wt Aurifil thread that matched the fabric.

I used a larger scale Anna Maria Horner print for the backing.  I really like this print and would love to have a shirt or dress made of out it (another thing for the to-do list :)

Take a look at what my swap partner Whitner (from the Charleston guild) made me, I think that I was the luckiest swap recipient!!  I love it!!

I had not done a swap in so long and I had such fun, many thanks to the quilters who organized the swap!

Do you like the paper pieced Feathered Kaleidoscope block?  Would you like it to be offered as a pattern?  If yes, besides a quilt mini, what other quilt sizes would you like the pattern to include?


  1. What a beauty!! It looks so perfectly intricate, your swap partner is so lucky! But you got a gorgeous mini too, it sounds like! I love all that Carolyn Friedlander fabric.

  2. Both minis are such fun, but very different. It would have been hard to part with either of them.

  3. I see 2 beautiful mini quilts here! It sounds like a great swap.

  4. I love your quilt and would love for it to be a pattern. I like throw size quilts, because I'm too impatient to make something bigger!!

  5. Love your star quilt! Yes I would love to have a PP pattern. I would love up to a baby (crib size) quilt pattern. I love the center of the star pattern. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Yes, I would love to have the paper-pieced pattern! Even as a mini, it has great impact! A throw size would be nice. Also, I agree about the swap you received. What a cute and awesome idea!

  7. Pattern yes! Love your mini! And if it's 24 inches, nine of them would make a great cuddle quilt. But making it a little bigger would probably suit the time budget...

  8. Both are great minis. Swaps are fun. I might be tempted to buy the pattern....and add it to my growing pile. LOL

  9. I love the mini feathered star but any size would be great.. I love the center portion and colors you chose.


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