Wednesday, February 28, 2018

QuiltCon 2018 Recap ++ Quilts

QuiltCon was an amazing trip, I got to see so many friends, take some wonderful classes, and see such inspiring quilts.  I am sure that you saw oodles of quilts from QuiltCon on Instagram and on other blogs, but here were some of the quilts at the show that really spoke to me...

Oblique by Diana Vandeyar

This was one of the MQG patterns of the month and I really was drawn to the color combination of the deep pinks, gray, and pop of yellow.

Serendipity II by Sarah Hibbert

I have tried to do scrappy and low volume and it is very difficult for me, I think that Sarah achieved the right balance of color, shapes, and prints in this small quilt.

Reflection by Anne Sullivan

This small quilt (which took second place in the small quilt category) spoke to me with its use of color.  How Anne achieved the gradient like effect and used such strong, bold colors together was inspiring.

Follow the Dots by Debbie Jeske

I followed Debbie's blog seeing this quilt come together so I was very happy to be able to see it in person.  What was very interesting to me was how Debbie quilted it and how she left certain colors in different areas of the quilt quilted and unquilted.

Patchwork Fan-Tasy by Jan Frazer
Year made: 1989
Part of the SAQA Presents: Modern Inspirations - Art Quilts From the 1970's Through Today

This was part of a special exhibit and not a juried in quilt.  The piecing and shapes in this design are just awesome.

 Bay City Balconies by Donna Brennan
Year Made: 2016
Part of the SAQA Presents: Modern Inspirations - Art Quilts From the 1970's Through Today

I really liked how in this quilt, it was interesting from afar, but when you looked more closely, a whole other level of detail was exposed.

Positive : Negative by Lorena Uriarte

Beautiful plus sign design, the plus sign itself is made from tiny pieced plus signs and the background is made from tiny minus signs.

Wayward Transparency by Yvonne Fuchs

I made a version of the Wayward Transparency during Yvonne's quilt along so I was excited to see the original.  The tight cross-hatch quilting on it was fabulous.

Family by Kyla Farquharson

This quilt was made by a 10 year old in the youth category and it is one of my favorites.  The design is so innovative and just adorable.

Orange Opals by Katherine Jones

It is more difficult to see in a picture versus in person, but with the use of color and how the seam lines on the circles either matched the seams in the blocks or were offset, made the quilt look truly three dimensional.

Plus Surround by Paige Alexander

I had to include this quilt as it was made by my room and co-author Paige Alexander and is from our book Modern Plus Sign Quilts.

Shine a Light by Hillary Goodwin

This was my viewer's choice.  The piecing was amazing on this one, check out the single block to see how it was constructed.  The circle has a pie piece in it and then the circle is inset into the square with all of the seams matching.  I also loved the color scheme and the simple grid quilting.

I hope that you enjoyed a little peek into the QuiltCon quilt show and maybe saw a few quilts here that you had not seen yet on social media.  Did you attend QuiltCon?  Which was your favorite quilt?


  1. Oh what a nice post! I'm honored you included my little quilt. It was SO good to meet you. I really enjoyed our time together.

  2. p.s. I also love your book! I bought a copy and read it on the flight home. Very nicely done!

  3. It was so wonderful to get to spend as much time together as we did, Cheryl. I look forward to the next time we have time together and I promise I won't be as worn out (or at least, I certainly hope that is the case). Thanks for including Wayward Transparency (but don't look too close at that cross-hatch quilting). ;)

  4. Thank you for sharing your favourite quilts Cheryl. They are all so interesting and unique, I especially love the youth category quilt, amazing for such a young person. I can’t see me ever getting to QuiltCon, and I do appreciate all the bloggers who post their different takes on it, like seeing it through different eyes and from different perspectives.

  5. I saw your quilts in the show, and they looked wonderful! It was lovely to meet you too. Thanks for a recap, now that I'm rested, I definitely miss the energy of the show from last week :)

  6. What an amazing and unique collection. I am so glad you included the youth category.


  7. I haven't seen that Donna Brennan anywhere else. Wow! And those cats...great style.

  8. Cheryl, thank you so much for sharing your quilt adventure. It is so great to see some of the quilts

  9. Thanks for sharing your favorite quilts from QuiltCon. It's been amazing to see all the IG and blog photos and especially hearing about all the meet ups!

  10. Thanks for the QuiltCon tour. It's been fun seeing the show through all the photos people are posting.

  11. This selection of quilts is just amazing. As I read through and looked, I kept thinking oh, this is even better. Great variety was included. Thank you for posting this!

  12. I'm not on Instagram so I've been limited to the quilt posts on blogs. I love the cat family by the 10-year old! Probably my favorite of the quilts in your post. I'm glad you had a good time. I'm hoping to make it to Nashville next year.

  13. Thanks for posting those pictures, Cheryl. I missed being there this year. I'm glad you had a successful trip!

  14. I like your thoughtful analysis of these quilts. A nice contrast to the more typical "must show all the quilts!" I'm glad you had a good time at the show.

  15. Love your pictures - I had only seen two of the quilts you picked to share! I am hoping to make it next year when QuiltCon is closer to home!

  16. What a nice array of quilt from QuiltCon! Thanks for sharing!


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