Thursday, April 6, 2017

Meadow Mystery Quilt Reveal Parade ++ Day 2

Welcome to the 2nd day of the Meadow Mystery Quilt Parade! Due to the number of quilters participating, I have broken up the parade into 3 days, April 5th-7th. The prize winners will be posted on April 8th.

You can see all of the Day 1 quilts here.

We have 267 versions total and they are all beautiful! Thank you so much to everyone who has been taking part or following along in the Meadow Mystery Quilt!  The entrants were free to change up the design any way the liked so in addition to seeing hundreds of colorways, you will see tons of different borders, alternative layouts, and ways of expanding the design.

Grab some coffee or tea and some cake and take some time to look through over the second 90 wonderful versions of the Meadow Mystery Quilt people have made.

Just as a reminder, the mystery quilt instructions can be found for free in the tab above and they will never be taken down so you can start at any time. (I also now have the entire set of instructions for sale as an easy downloadable pdf).

Without further are some more wonderful Meadow Mystery Quilt finishes!

91. Chris L.

92. Janet T. from Rutledge, Georgia

93. Kristin M.

94. Debbie Y.

95. Marilyn S. from South Jordan, Utah

96. Kristine D.

97.  Sandra C. from Singapore
The Bias Edge

98.  Anja from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
Anja Quilts

99. Chris W. from Campobello, South Carolina

100. Sabrina T. from Hamlin, New York

101. Susan G. from Dublin, California

102. Kate H. from Newcastle upon Tyne, Co Durham, UK

103. Katy B. from Brandon, Mississippi

104. Jacki T. from California

105. Kim L. 

106. Karen S. from Taylors, South Carolina

107. Theresa T.

108. Mary N.

109. Carol L.

110. Kelita G. from Donaldson, Pennsylvania 

111. Brenda V.

112. Ester G. from Pinedale, Wyoming

113. Pat V. from Newfoundland, Canada

114. Monna S. from Saltsburg, Pennsylvania

115. Lara W.

116. Cheryl C.

117. Susan G.

118. Ellen S.

119. Paula F. from North Bend, Washington

120. Sarah Z.
Cedar Fork  @Cedarforksarah

121. Hannah G.

122. Hannah G. (another one!)

123. Dorothy A. from New Market, Tennessee

124. Judi B. from Roger's City, Michigan

125. Tish S. from West Virginia
Tish n Wonderland

126. Tish S. from West Virginia (another one!)
Tish n Wonderland

127. Dave S. from West Virginia
Dave the Quilt Engineer

128. Laura M. from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

129. Sharon B. from Muskegon, Michigan

130. Vikki B.

131. Julie R.

132. JoAnna R.

133. Patti

134. Barbara R.

135. Perry Z.

136. Donna B.

137. Ruth S. from Brisbane, Australia

138. Barbara M. from New Port Richey, Florida

139. Portia P. from Vancouver, Washington

140. Tiffany S.

141. Anna C. from Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

142. Monica S. from Malmรถ, Sweden

143. Nathalie P. from Belgium

144. Natalie B. from Slidell, Louisiana

145. Mary M.

146. Tanya W. from Arroyo Grande, California

147. Marlynn P. from Birdsboro, Pennsylvania

148. Debbie Z.

149. Connie B.

150. Sarah S. from Simpsonville, South Carolina

151. Shelby M. from Anchorage, Alaska

152. Sue B.

153. Mary Lou O. from Oxnard, California

154. Brenda H. from Valley, Nova Scotia, Canada

155. Janice H.

156. Jenniffer H. 

157. Emily L. from Charlotte, North Carolina

158. Kate W.

159. Rhonda H. from Charleston, South Carolina

160. Kate S.

161. Sherry L. from Carson, Washington

162. Anne R.

163. Carol

164. Carol C. from Katy, Texas

165. Peggy C.

166. Sandra C.

167. Dena F.

168. Patty M. from Emerald Hills, California

169. Pat O. from Leduc, AB, Canada

170. Rosa E.

171. Teresa B. 

172. Cindy

173. Sandy K. from San Francisco, California

174.  Rebecca M. from New Baltimore, Michigan

175. Libby S.

176. Diana G.

177. Becky G. from Monte Vista, Colorado

178.  Becky G. from Monte Vista, Colorado (another one!)

179. Stephanie W.

180. Stephanie W. (another one!)

And those were the second set of 90 Meadow Mystery Quilts.  Remember to check back tomorrow for the rest of the quilts!


  1. Lots of fun variations. It would be impossible to pick a favorite.

  2. Another great showing! Love the muted colorways, as well as the monotones. They are all great and show many options for color combinations. It would be very difficult to pick a favorite!

  3. Wow! It's so fun to see all the colorways!

  4. So many gorgeous renditions! I love what Sherry did to make it king(?) size.

  5. Wow, I have never seen so many wonderful quilt along results! This is beautiful. Everyones quilts are just incredible. I loved every single one. Congratulations quilt Mystery quilt-along-participants

  6. Another great collection of all the different colour ways. It is so interesting to see the different borders too, I am almost wishing I hadn't layered mine yet (but not quite as I love it as is).

  7. Beautiful portfolio of quilts. Love the colors and each one is so unique!

  8. I am blown away by how many variations there are! This is such a fun way to celebrate the end of the QAL!

  9. Again, so many beautiful color combinations that i would never have thought of until I saw them. Wonderful!

  10. These are so fun! I am finding myself remembering your instructions when choosing fabrics...this parade is proving to be a great visual lesson in applying color to get what you want/like. Very interesting to me!!!

  11. Love looking at all of these! I'm mulling over machine quilting ideas & it really helps to see what other people have done. Thanks again for the quilt along! I'm looking forward to the Magnolia one.


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