Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Meadow Mystery Quilt Reveal Parade ++ Day 1

Welcome to the 1st day of the Meadow Mystery Quilt Parade! Due to the number of quilters participating, I have broken up the parade into 3 days, April 5th-7th. The prize winners will be posted on April 8th. 

We have 267 versions total and they are all beautiful! Thank you so much to everyone who has been taking part or following along in the Meadow Mystery Quilt!  The entrants were free to change up the design any way the liked so in addition to seeing hundreds of colorways, you will see tons of different borders, alternative layouts, and ways of expanding the design.

Grab some coffee or tea and some cake and take some time to look through over the first 90 wonderful versions of the Meadow Mystery Quilt people have made.

Just as a reminder, the mystery quilt instructions can be found for free on the blog in the tab above and they will never be taken down so you can start at any time. (I also now have the entire set of instructions for sale as an easy downloadable pdf).

Without further are some of the wonderful Meadow Mystery Quilt finishes!

1.  Sherrill-Anne T. from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

2.  Carole H. from Madison, Alabama

3.  Julia W. from Albuquerque, New Mexico

4.  Karen J.

5. Taunya S.

6.  Laurel F. of Quilts by Laurel

7.  Laura D. of Willmar, Minnesota

8.  Cathy J.

9.  Sue H.

10.  Teresa K. from Daniels, West Virginia

11. Stephanie B.

12. Debbie R. from Buna, Texas

13.  Detra B. from Coin, Iowa

14.  Judy L. from Addison, Michigan

15. Lynn H. of Pensacola, Florida

16.  Coleen M.

17.  Cyndy B.

18. Sandy A. from St. Louis, Missouri

19. Susan J. from Frederisksburg, Texas

20. Joanne L. from Gig Harbor, Washington

21. Lesley J. 

22. Tammy S. from Gordon, Georgia

23.  Catherine T.

24.  Sandy R. from Sugar Land, Texas

25. Sue W.

26. Sue W. (her second Meadow Mystery Quilt)

27. Lynn M. from Goffstown, New Hampshire

28.  Shoshana

29.  Cathy W. from Balranald, Australia

30.  Frances B. from Perth, Australia

31. Patty

32. Becky M. from Bainbridge, Indiana

33. Norma W. from La Salle, Manitoba, Canada

34. Jan K.

35. Cindy Lou S. from Lebanon, Connecticut

36. Frieda Z. from Houston, Texas

37. Florence M. from Jefferson, Oregon

38. Elizabeth J. from New Holland, Ohio

39. Kathleen M. from Somerville, Massachusetts and Peaks Island, Maine

40.  Colleen M (her second version!)

41.  Bonny P.

42. Mary B.

43. Linda A.

44. Melody R. from Oak Harbor, Washington

45. Wendy O.

46. Teddie G. from California

47. Cindy T.

48.  Stephanie B.

49.  Wilma M. froLethbridge, Alberta

50.  Wilma M. from Lethbridge, Alberta (her second mystery quilt top!)

51.  Judy O. from Raytown, Missouri

52.  Cheryle S. from Mesquite, Nevada

53. Gail H. from Palm Desert, California

54. Krystal S. from Temple, Texas

55. Brenda C. from Lacombe, Alberta, Canada 

56. Mary Lea R. from Katy, Texas

57.  Sue B. from Arab, Alabama

58.  Nancy P. from Churdan, Iowa

59. Stephanie O. from Pontotoc, Mississippi

60.  Cara L. from Snyder, Texas

61.  Chelsea and Kim

62.  Rosie W.

63. Deb M. from Woodman, Wisconsin

64.  Donna V. from Narrows, Virginia

65.  Samantha L. from Cumming, Georgia

66. Mel B. from San Jose, California

67. Jenny V. from St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

68.  Denise M. from Folsom, California

69. Janice M.

70.  Cindy D. from Berthoud, Colorado

71. Annette O. from Albuquerque, New Mexico

72.  Susan S. from City-Carriere, Mississippi

73. Barb G. from Palmetto, Florida

74. Lisa G. from Temple, Texas

75. Mary Ann H. from Chico, California

76. Paige D. from Greenville, Kentucky

77. Patty D. from Cary North Carolina

78.  Bonnie M. from Raleigh, North Carolina

79. Gloria D. from Kentucky

80.  Yvonne F. from Tehachapi, California

81.  Susan H. from Charlie Lake, British Columbia, Canada

82. Dolores S. from Toronto, Ontario Canada

83. Kim Y. from West Islip, New York

84. Jennifer S.

85. Becky B. from Sugar Land, Texas

86. Sibylle T. from Germany

87. Jim L. from Hillsboro, Illinois

88. Judy V. from Michigan

89. Lauren W. from Clinton, New York

90. Kim U. from Ypsilanti, Michigan

And that was the first 90 Meadow Mystery Quilts!  Thanks for looking through them all and please stop back by tomorrow for the next set of quilts!


  1. Beautiful quilts! I am really impressed.

  2. Wow! So many wonderful versions and so inspiring it makes me want to make another. Ladies it has been such a pleasure seeing all your quilts. As I said in the FB group, if you have a finished top you are already a winner.

  3. It's so fun to see all the different color combinations and finishing options.

  4. Wonderful, such great renditions of the self same design. Well, done everyone =)

  5. I'm still amazed at how one pattern can look so different using different fabrics. And the addition of the borders give them a totally new look. Another successful QAL.

  6. Gorgeous quilts! All are beautiful and unique in their own right. Love the different looks from the different colorways. Love that some colorways sing in the alternate layout. Well done Quilters, well done. And to you too Cheryl. Thanks for making this available.

  7. Wow Cheryl: That's a lot of quilts. The popularity of your quilt alongs continues to grow! It really is a beautiful design.

  8. So much fun to look at all the beautiful quilts!! Gave me some ideas about borders to add to mine. Can't wait for tomorrow and Friday!
    Cheryl--thanks so much for putting this all together!

  9. Love these! What a great QAL!

  10. Wow! Great job everyone! And you too, Cheryl!

  11. Wow! Everyone did a great job picking contrasting fabrics, not knowing what the final design would be. Congrats to all and to you, Cheryl, for a successful QAL!

  12. They are all so beautiful and unique. Glad I don't have to pick a favorite. Thank you Cheryl.

  13. What a fun parade of quilts! I am so impressed with all the variations and it is so interesting to see the differences the fabric creates. Thanks for all the work: creating the pattern, hosting the mystery and organizing the parade.

  14. Such an awesome variety of color! I look forward to seeing more. :)

  15. Great job to all the participants...the color coordinations are stunning!

  16. Beautiful and amazing set of quilts. What wonderful work from everyone. Thank you Cheryl!

  17. Oh, my, I just love this part!!!!!! They are all so beautiful.

  18. They are all so different looking with the different colors. I love seeing all the places that they are coming from. This was so much fun. Great job everyone.

  19. It's so much fun to see all the different quilts and how the pattern changes based on fabric choice. Thanks so much Cheryl!

  20. WOW!!!! Everyone is unique and beautiful. Ladies we all did a fabulous job. Thank you so much Cheryl, my first mystery quilt and now I'm hooked.

  21. This was so much fun and totally motivated me to FINISH! Up until recently, I have not been a finisher so this is a big deal! I really enjoyed this Cheryl, and am looking forward to the next one!

  22. What a great variety of color combinations. It is so much fun to see how different each quilt looks with the same pattern. Congrats on a very successful mystery QAL Cheryl!

  23. Beautiful job everyone! Amazing to see all the different variations on design and color. Can't wait for the next QAL.

  24. Beautiful I love all of them wonderful ladies Thank you Cheryl for a great pattern & QAL!!

  25. A wonderful gathering of quilts, and each interpretation with different fabrics shows off another of your fabulous designs beautifully. Cheryl, I didn't join in this year, but see some familiar names and a lot of new ones there, and to think this is only the first post of them all.Thanks so much for sharing the parade.

  26. Wow, Cheryl, this is proof of a well-done mystery. So many fabulous combinations, with plenty of room for individual interpretations. Hope there were even some surprises for you!

  27. What a gorgeous lineup of quilty eye candy! A true testament to this brilliant design.... Each quilt is made with such different fabric choices and all of them look fabulous!

  28. Lovely quilts! I really do enjoy how each person interprets the design!

  29. I enjoy seeing all the different color choices and how they are finished. I did not put mine on although it is finished. Can't wait for the next Mystery! Thank you for the wonderful experience!

  30. I love seeing everyone's quilts they are all beautiful.

  31. WOW!!! Loved taking part in your QAL Cheryl and love all these gorgeous quilts. Just showed the DH what a difference the different colours make in changing the look of a quilt.

  32. Lovely to see so many variations on your pattern. This was my first time trying one of your QALs, and I'm hoping there are more to come. It's fantastic to see you had participation from so many parts of the world! Thank you so much Cheryl!

  33. These quilts are fabulous. It's amazing with all these quilts using the same pattern - how different they all are. They are all beautiful. I'd be looking and then there would be a quilt that would take my breath away - it was just to my color favorites or it brought up a memory. In no way was the quilt workmanship better, the quilt just stirred me. I need to my emotions settle before I look at more.


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