Thursday, October 22, 2015

Cake Slices in The Quilter's Day Planner

My great quilty friend Stephanie, who blogs over at Late Night Quilter, just released a Day Planner for 2016 that’s specifically designed for quilters (you can get one right here)! 

The Quilter's Planner - Monthly Calendar

It’s a daily planner that will inspire you to achieve your goals, and organize both your personal life and your quilting life.  I am loving the idea of having my to-do lists for my quilting projects, home, and work life all in one place instead of in various calendars online, paper calendars, and post-it notes galore.

Plus the planner has graph paper to sketch out new quilt ideas for when you are sitting in the waiting room for your daughter's dance class (I get a surprising number of quilt ideas in that waiting room :) 

What's Inside:

Did you see the list above?  In addition to all of the calendar and sketching goodness, the Quilt Planner comes with 8 full quilt patterns!  Including one from me :)

I have the huge honor of my new pattern Cake Slices included in the planner (and I am very excited to be able to show you some of my secret sewing I was doing in September).

Cake Slices - A Layer Cake Friendly Lap Quilt

Cake Slices is a layer cake friendly pattern in a lap size.  For my quilt I used Hello Darling by Bonnie and Camille for Moda combined with Kona Navy as the background.  The design is very beginner friendly with few seams to match and uses just 16 layer cake slices to make a whole lap sized quilt!  

Many thanks to Cynthia (who blogs at Quilting is More Fun than Housework) who helped me pick a quilting pattern and thread color.  I tend to prefer thread colors that blend into the fabric (my number one tip for hiding mistakes).  I tried all sorts of thread colors on the quilt, but most looked pretty bad against dark blue background (which is a good portion of surface area of the quilt).  

Cynthia made this quilt back in June using another of Bonnie and Camille's lines with a dark blue background and a dark blue quilting thread.  She advised that as long as the quilting was not too dense, it would look good.  I used an open loop/hook pattern on the quilt with a little larger scale than I normally quilt with and I am super happy with it!  The quilting blends in so well in the background and gives the quilt a nice soft texture.

The Quilter's Planner has everything you need to organize your life, plan and track your sewing projects and be inspired to create something beautiful every day! The book is spiral bound so it lays nice and flat, is approximately 8 x 11, made in the USA, and will be shipped in time for the holidays.

Stephanie launched the planner on IndieGoGo on Tuesday to fund the printing of the planner. If you order a planner, you are guaranteed to receive a planner (no worry about the project meeting a funding goal). Stephanie has a wonderful video and more information on her website and IndieGoGo site, please take a minute and check them out :)


Here are just a few more images of the planner...


  1. The quilt looks great, and what great advice from Cynthia about the quilting. It blends right in and is so seamless. Congratulations on another awesome pattern release and the freedom to share a secret project!

  2. Beautiful pattern! I don't normally gravitate to colored backgrounds, but I REALLY love this with the dark blue. And the quilting suggestion with the dark thread and larger pattern is perfect.

  3. Congratulations on being selected by Stephanie as one of the designers featured! Your quilt is very pretty and the quilting is fantastic. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

  4. Your quilt looks awesome! Glad I could help with the quilting. Navy is a favorite background color and it really sets off your pattern. Nice job!

  5. Thank you for the teaser of your quilt pattern. Now I'm even more excited for my planner to get here :)

  6. I'm also excited to get my planner especially with the patterns included from you and the other quilters.

  7. Love the quilt- great way to use up those layer cakes I have hanging around waiting for inspiration! Thanks!

  8. Oooo, I do like the look of that pattern! I do like layer cakes, but sometime feel stuck for what to do with them, this looks wonderful! And the quilting's worked out great with it. The planner looks intriguing, too. Is it likely to be available on t'other side of the Atlantic for us European types, do you know?

  9. Such a dramatic quilt! Love the dark blue background and the quilting using dark-coloured thread. Great pattern and a fabulous finish :)


  10. Fun and colorful. Congrats on the the pattern and it being included in the calendar.

  11. I am very late commenting on this post, but I just saw it today and I have to say that I love the idea of the organizer. Also, layer cakes are my favorite precut and I am anxious to get your pattern. Great job!


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