Saturday, July 5, 2014

Foothills Mystery Quilt - July - Fabric Selection and Requirements

Hi and welcome to the first set of instructions for the Foothills Mystery Quilt-A-Long!  These instructions will cover the intro to the quilt as well as fabric selections and requirements.

Each month's instructions can be found in the tab above.

Just a reminder on the Mystery Quilt:

*Update - I forgot to add in this post that the finished quilt will be 54” x 72”, 
a nice lap sized quilt.**

I designed this mystery quilt to be at an advanced beginner level containing half square triangles, square in a square, and basic patchwork.  (There is no applique, Y-seams, or paper piecing in the pattern.)

The mystery quilt-a-long will begin in July 2014 and end with a quilt reveal in April 2015 (approximate end date).  Instructions will be sent out the weekend following the first Thursday of each month.

For this pattern, the width of fabrics (WOF) is assumed to be at least 41 inches and a scant quarter inch (a thread width smaller than 1/4”) seam is to be used throughout the construction of the quilt.
The quilt construction instructions are different from typical patterns so that the design of the finished quilt remains a mystery as long as possible.

Any questions – please contact me at cheryljbrickey (at) gmail (dot) com

Quilt Fabric Selections

This quilt requires three sets of fabrics. 
Fabric Set A
Main fabrics forming the main “design” of the quilt
Shown as blues and greens in the instructions^
Fabric Set B
Background fabrics
Shown as white in the instructions^
Fabric Set C
Highlight fabrics.  These fabrics form a smaller portion of the quilt pattern
Shown as dark gray in the instructions^
^ for the instructions to follow in future months

For each of these fabric sets (A, B, and C), you may use a single fabric or a combination of fabrics for a more scrappy quilt top.  The most important thing about selecting the fabric sets is to insure that there is good contrast between each of the fabric sets.
For my quilt, I am using a large number of fabrics for fabric set A and one fabric each for sets B and C.

Fabric Requirements

The fabric yardages listed below can be fulfilled by a single fabric or a combination of fabrics that equal the yardages listed. (If using smaller scraps you may need slightly more yardage due to cutting waste.)

Fabric Set A – 1¾ yards

Fabric Set B – 3 yards

Fabric Set C – ⅝ yard


  1. What size will the finished quilt be? I don't want to ruin the mystery, but I'd like to know roughly what I'll end up with! :)

    1. The quilt will be 54” x 72”, a lap sized quilt and the above post has been updated. Thanks for catching the mistake in the post!

  2. I am really looking forward to making this quilt! I just made my fabric selections and I am linking up to Sunday Stash with Molli Sparkles, so maybe we can get more blogging interest. I love seeing how different a design can be with simple fabric selection differences!

  3. This sounds intriguing. I would love to play along!

  4. I'm joining in I love a good mystery.

  5. I'm late but I am joining in... will get started on my end for catching up next weekend. :)

  6. I would like to do this mystery quilt too! It looks as if I will have enough tome to complete each step if I have a month to do it:) It will be nice to have a quilt finished in April.

  7. Hey Cheryl, I think I am missing it as I thought you had stated it somewhere; however do you have a # for Instagram for this? If not... I think I just made one up. LoL I used a few as I couldn't think of it, but will continue sticking with #foothillsmysteryquilt but please let me know if there is something else so I can correctly tag

  8. Any way I can make this with a layer cake?

  9. The kit description at Bear Creek Quilting says Finished size is 60 1/2 inches by 60 1/2 inches. Will the kit have enough fabric for the extra length. ljbisme at msn dot com


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