Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Stash Linkup

I have never linked up to the Sunday Stash Linkup, but in honor of Molli Sparkles taking over I had to link up today.

I must admit to succumbing to a number of Black Friday / Christmas fabric sales and will not show you those.  After the many packages arrived I decided that I would try to be more selective of the fabric that I ordered, buying fabric for a specific project versus just because.  That planned was slightly derailed by Del Ray fabrics having a huge sale with Chicopee and some Shelburne Farms by Denyse Schmidt on sale for $3.50 a yard (yes, you read that correctly $3.50 a yard).  How could I pass that up?  So a little over 13 yards made their way to my house and are shown below.


In my defence, these fabrics are not completely "just because" fabrics completely because I do plan on making a queen sized quilt for my bed using the green/blue color way of Chicopee and one of the stumbling blocks was that I only had 10 fat quarters (now I have no excuse not to start :)  Plus, some of the Shelburne Farms is going join some other Shelburne Farms for my subscriber celebration giveaway starting on January 20th.

Happy Stashing!



  1. What a beautiful stack. I couldnt pass up that sale either (LOL)

  2. Lovely! Can't wait to see the finished product. Thanks for sharing at Molli Sparkles.

  3. 3.50 a yard is a steal, I mean how could you NOT get something.

  4. They are fabulous fabrics - I had to pay £3.50 ($5.70!) just for a fat quarter in the UK on Saturday :(
    I would be even more of a junkie at those prices!! Think I may need to emigrate ...

  5. Hey, we get it! :-)
    I hit the sale hard too! Way too hard!, LOL!!!
    Love what you got!


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