Thanks for your interest in having me teach your group!  I have information about currently available lectures and workshops below and you can contact me at Cheryl@Meadow-Mist-Designs.com.


45-60 minute lecture and Q&A

Those three words, “quilt as desired” strike fear in many quilters. In this lecture, I take you through a step by step process you can use to help determine which quilt design you should use on your quilt, whether you are quilting the quilt yourself or sending it out to a quilting professional. This process helps you decide between allover versus custom patterns, which designs to use, and even quilting density and thread color. I will be showing many of my quilts and discussing how I decided on the quilting designs for each.

Just Two Charm Pack Quilts - Trunk Show
45-60 minute discussion and Q&A

This trunk show showing off the 16 quilts from the Just Two Charm Pack book, with fun tidbits, stories, and more about each design and quilt.

Pricing, Accommodations, and Contract Overview
Thank you for your interest my lectures and workshops! The following is a breakdown of some pricing and accommodation requirements. If this suits your needs, please email me at cheryljbrickey@gmail.com to schedule a booking and initiate a contract.


Lecture/trunk show $345 (45-60 minute lecture plus Q&A).

Items specific to virtual lectures:
  • Guild will host the meeting (Zoom or other platform allowing for presentations to be shared).
  • No limit to attendee numbers.
  • Lecture is not to be recorded.
  • Deposit requirement is being waved and payment is due within 1 week after lecture.

For in-person events:

Local Events (within 120 miles from 29650)
  • Standard mileage rates apply (56 cents per mile as of 1/2021).
  • Overnight hotel may be required depending on the time of event (I prefer not to drive long distances late at night).

Long Distance Events

  • Meals are charged at the per diem rate of $50 per day (including travel days). 
  • Hotel lodging includes the night before the first event through the night of the last event (depending on event end time). 
  • Lodging will be charged at actual hotel rate (average rate of $150 per night). 
  • Travel includes airfare, mileage to/from my airport, baggage fees, shipping quilts. Note: To estimate the airfare costs, look up the rate from the Greenville Spartanburg airport (GSP). 
  • I book all my own travel, unless arrangements are specified otherwise. 

All Events

  • A projector screen is required for some lectures/workshops along with electricity and extension cords. 
  • Tables to set up and share my books, patterns, and other items available for purchase during the event; be sure to schedule a venue that allows selling. I am responsible for complying with all tax laws. 
  • Limit 20 students per class. Lectures/trunk shows are unlimited. 


  • Airfare and hotel fees are due prior to being purchased, approximately 4-6 months ahead of scheduled visit, and are non-refundable due to cancellation of event by the host. 
  • Balance of fees are due the day of the event. 
  • Bookings that require an overnight stay must include at least one workshop.
  • You may cancel or reschedule the speaking engagement up to one week prior to the event. In case of bad weather or any rescheduling, your original deposit will be carried over to reserve a new date.

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