Monday, November 7, 2022

Spinning Stars Printed Templates Now Available


Spinning Stars - Printed Templates

I asked a number of quilters what some of their biggest pain points about paper piecing were and the number one answer was printing or photocopying the paper templates.

So to help with that, I am happy to announce the availability of printed paper templates for my best selling paper pieced pattern, Spinning Stars.

The printed templates contain the 54 sheets needed to make the lap size version of Spinning Stars along with 2 extra of each template type. 

The paper is regular copy paper, my favorite paper to paper piece with. I did look at the special paper piecing paper (which is more like thin unprinted newspaper) but was unable to find a source that could print the templates economically.

Right now, the templates are on sale for only $12 plus shipping (from the regular $15 price). The shipping cost is $8.00 for USPS Priority Mail and any additional patterns, books, etc ship for free.

You can get your templates here

Spinning Stars - Pattern + Templates Bundle Special

If you purchase the Spinning Stars pattern, either printed or digital, and the template packet, you will receive $4 off the bundle.  This is addition to the templates being on an introductory sale ($3 off right now).  This bundle discount will show up automatically in your cart, there is no coupon code.

Note: If you already own the Spinning Stars pattern and would like to purchase the templates, you can use the coupon code "TEMPLATES" for $4 off the price of the templates so you can take advantage of the special bundle pricing too.

Please let me know what you think of this option and if these templates are well received, then I would be happy to offer template packets for other paper pieced patterns.


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Spinning Stars Printed Templates


  1. Oooh, that's really smart to offer the templates to go along with the pattern!

  2. I like to use white newsprint for printing foundation templates. Buy it by the ream online at Amazon or Office Depot (I've never seen it in the physical store). It is indistinguishable from the specialty foundation paper.


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