Thursday, November 5, 2020

Morewood Mystery ++ Petal Units

Are you ready for the next set of Morewood Mystery Instructions?

Welcome to the November instructions for the Morewood Mystery Quilt along. There is plenty of time to join in on the quilt along!  

You can find all of the information about the Morewood Mystery, including schedule, past instructions, links to the Facebook group, sneak peek, and more at the Morewood Mystery Page.

We are going to be making some Petal Units (and more HST units) this month.  Now that the Mystery Quilt has ended, you can find a easy to print, full version of the pattern for sale in my pattern shop.

  Petal Units

Make 30 petal units.

1. Arrange the following units and pieces according to the diagram.
2 A/bg HST units 3" x 3"
1 single Irish unit 3" x 3"
1 fabric A square 3" x 3"

2. Sew pieces and blocks into rows pressing seams open or away from the HST units. Each row
should measure 3" x 5 ½".

3. Sew the rows together, pressing the seam open, to make a petal unit 5 ½" x 5 ½". Repeat to make a
total of 30 petal units.

Half Square Triangle (HST) Units (more)

Combine 15 fabric C squares 5" x 5" and 15 bg squares 5" x 5" to make 30 C/bg HST units 4 ½" x 4 ½".

1. Place a fabric C square 5" x 5" and a bg fabric square 5" x 5" right sides together. Draw a diagonal
line using a removable marking device on the back of the lighter square (shown as the solid line).

2. Sew a ¼" seam on either side of the solid line (shown as the dotted lines). Cut on the solid line and
press seams open or toward the darker fabric.

3. Trim each C/bg HST unit to 4 ½" x 4 ½". Repeat to make a total of 30 C/bg HST units.

Many thanks to the generous sponsors of the Morewood Mystery Quilt!

Any questions?  Leave them in a comment below or post them to our Facebook group page.  I look forward to seeing everyone's units.  The next set of instructions will be published on the first Thursday of December, the 3rd.



  1. I'm so excited!!!! I love mystery quilt day!!!

  2. This is my first mystery quilt. Please confirm: I'm using the units I previously made to create the petal units, right?

  3. Is this the 2nd step? I just want to make sure I haven't missed anything.
    Nancy A:

    1. This is the 3rd month of block instructions. There are also blocks for September and October.

  4. Cheryl, do you know why when clicking the Fabric Requirements tab in the list of Morehead Mystery PDFs we are being taken to our own blog listings? This is really weird and I'm sure should not be happening. Thank you.


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