Friday, April 24, 2020

Aurifil Artisan - April Challenge

Each month, the Aurifil Artisans have a fun challenge, this month it is favorite Aurifil thread weight.  I am joining in by showcasing a quilt made with my favorite weight, 50 wt.

50 wt is my most used and favorite weight.  It is perfect for piecing, machine applique, and quilting.  For the quilting, if you use a matching thread color, the 50 wt is thin enough to blend in with the fabric well to leave a great texture.  On the other hand, it is thick enough to stand out when wanting to make a statement while quilting, like in this mini quilt.

I made this mini quilt as part of my Modern Design Lab group.  Each month, a member selects an image or object and then we make a quilt using that as inspiration.  For this quilt, Paige (Quilted Blooms) picked a picture of the Library of Birmingham in England.  The library is very cool as it has an orange peel like grate covering the outside of the building.

You can see the inspiration photo here.

I pieced the mini quilt using Aurifil 2024 (white) in 50 wt and then I got to the star of the show, the quilting.

I took one of my cups from my kitchen and used it to mark the orange peel design all over the quilt top (this was very doable as the quilt is only about 15" x 18").

Next I used Aurifil 2692 (black) in 50 wt and my free motion foot to trace around each orange shape about 3-4 times. I normally go for quilting thread that blends into the background but am so glad I went bold on this quilt.

What is your favorite thread weight?


  1. I love how bold the quilting is on this piece, Cheryl!

  2. That is very reflective of the inspiration photo (what a cool building!). What did you use for marking your circles?

  3. The orange peel quilting in dark thread looks AMAZING! Very bold and absolutely stunning!

  4. Awesome quilting!!! I love how you went over the design several times, and used such a contrasting thread!!!

  5. What a great piece - so evocative of the original. I love the way the FMQ looks much more structured from a distance, but you get that sense of it being in front of the background by the overstitching. This is a lovely finish!

  6. I remember the building! Visited when I was at the Festival of Quilts - quite a while back... Love your mini quilt in its honor. And your multiple orange peel quilting looks so fun. For my own quilting I prefer a thicker thread. I have not been able to find a number but I guess it to be more like 35 - because the 28 Aurifil feels a bit thicker - very scientific, right? :) xo Melanie


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