Friday, November 22, 2019

A Quilter's Christmas Wish List

My husband was asking me the other day what I would like Santa to bring me for Christmas this year.  I had a good time shopping virtually on Amazon (the only place my husband will shop) and thought you might like some ideas to put on your list too.  Links are affiliate links.

You can find all of these items and other quilting equipment and notions on my Amazon page.

1.  Fabric
I think that number one on most quilter's wish lists are fabric.  I added my favorite Carolyn Friedlander print as well as a couple of fabric bundles to my wish list.

2.  Mats, Cutters, and Rulers

OLFA is my go to for cutting items.  My favorite rotary cutter is their ergonomic rotary cutter, their cutting mats last forever, and their rulers have a slight texture to them to help prevent sliding.  I have a number of OLFA rulers but would love to have Santa put the few remaining ones under my tree.

3.  Notions

Have you ever finished basting or quilting a quilt only to see that there is a dark thread under the quilt top you can see?  The Clover Soft Touch Pic is like the world's tiniest knitting needle and can pull those evil little threads out through the quilt top.

Organ Needles are the only needle I use in my machine.  They are so cheap ($11 for 100 needles) I have no excuse not to change the needle as frequently as I should.  I got 100 each of 3 different sizes for Xmas last year and still have a bunch to last me through 2020.

I tie and bury all of my thread tails and use a self threading needle to quickly thread and the tails and tuck them into the quilt top.

505 Spray is my go-to basting spray.  I have a tutorial up on the blog about how I spray baste my quilts, you can find it here.

4.  More Notions

I have tried basically every thimble made and never found one comfortable that did not fall off until I tried the leather thimble from clover.

Everyone needs thread for quilting.  My favorite is Aurifil thread because my machines love it, and it is strong, low lint, and comes in tons of colors.  I do almost all of my piecing and a lot of quilting using the white 2024 color in 50 wt.  I also enjoy quilting (both by machine and hand) using their 12 wt thread.

Finally for notions, I would suggest adding a pair of quilting gloves to your list.  They get dirty and lose some of the grippiness over time so it is always nice to have a new pair.

5.  Other Quilting Items

During a class with Kitty Wilkins, she showed us an LED light box.  They are super thin, light, and inexpensive.  I bought one for foundation paper piecing and English paper piecing, it makes fussy cutting so much easier.

We all need batting.  You can buy it folded up in the size you need, but I recommend biting the bullet and buying a roll.  The roll as less waste of batting when cutting out batts for quilts and is cheaper than buying it individually.  My favorite batting is Warm & White by the Warm Company.

Binder clips have really come down in price over the years.  I stocked up on a 160 of them for less than $13.

I love making pincushions, but for when I am pinning seams on a quilt top and using 100 more pins, I love my Zirkel magnitic pincushion.  I can just kind of toss the pins on the cushion and they "stick" with the magnetic and they are easy to remove.

I have a number of other gift ideas in the Christmas Wishlist Page and you can also stop by the Meadow Mist Designs Influencer Page for even more ideas.


  1. Great list! Question, do you use those Organ needles (and that size 75/11) for piecing? I've tried a couple of different needles and have been having issues with them. I never know what needle size to use for piecing. Thank you!!

  2. A great list! My Guy will not shop off a list, he says that's no fun if I know what I'm getting.

  3. Bardzo ciekawy artykuł. Pozdrawiam serdecznie !


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