Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Ruler Quilt

Check out the quilt that I made while reviewing two quilting products... I am calling it my Ruler Quilt as I made it with the Ruby Ruler and the Easy Piecing Grid.

1.  Easy Piecing Grid - 2" Finished Size by Ten Sisters Handicraft.  The pattern for the quilt I made was included in the package.

2.  The Ruby Ruler by Wise Craft Handmade

Disclosure:  Both of these products were provided to me at no cost, but all opinions are mine.

I used the Ruby Ruler to audition by fabrics, to make sure that pinks and peaches all had enough contrast with each other. The ruby color cancels out color, allowing you to instead focus on the value (the lightness or darkness) of the fabric.

Here is the Ruby Ruler with some of my fabrics (though it is much easier to see the value through the ruler in real life than my pictures).

I then used the ruler to cut my strips of fabric into 2 ½" squares. I felt that the ruler was very helpful to tell the real value of the different pinks and peaches I was trying to combine.

Once I had the squares all cut out, I used the easy piecing grid to put them together. Placing all of the squares in the correct grid location and then adhering them to the grid did take a while, but then the sewing went so quickly! I think that I had the full grid sewn (with perfectly matched seams) within 10 minutes. I loved watching each panel shrink.

I used the grid of the quilt top to quilt large wishbone and keep its spacing correct.  I love not having to mark quilts so using the piecing for the quilt design was a great time saver.

If you are interested to learn more information about the Easy Piecing Grid or the Ruby Ruler you can visit their websites:


  1. Using the pieced grid for your quilting is such an awesome trick. It all came together beautifully. Do you have plans for the quilt?

  2. Having a ruler that will help you view shades would be a time saver. Two tools in one :)

  3. Cheryl, thanks for sharing the easy piecing. I headed over to their site and was intrigues. Love how your quilt turned out.

  4. I've often thought a ruby ruler would be handy to have. Must admit to being confused as to exactly what the grid product is. Is it pre-printed grid on a type of interfacing which the squares fuse to or is it batting. Their website does not make this clear at all. I've used the pre-printed fusible grid interfacing years ago to make a small quilt and found it rather stiff but ti did sew together quickly.

    1. I'm trying to figure out the same thing! And I agree the website does not make it clear.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing the info about the Ruby Ruler. I could use that for painting too. You are patient, Cheryl, to cut all the squares yourself, and the effect you got from the custom colours instead of using a charm pack is amazing. The wishbone quilting looks wonderful too. Using the pieced grid for quilting was such a great idea. It is a beautiful finish!! :)


  6. There is a book called mini-mosaic Quilts by Paula Doyle that does the same thing. However, in the book they give you a grid and have you put your light weight fusible over the grid and place your fabric. Then it is sewn the same way. the book shows you how to make 30 or so different blocks using this method.

  7. Very interesting! I've heard about both of these tools but not understood the uses. Thanks for explaining. Your quilt is so beautiful, the colors are great! Is it sort of an Irish chain?

  8. I had to explore and research the grid a bit more! I did something similar on regular interfacing, but the grid is interesting. After seeing your quilt... I'm even more interested!

  9. This looks wonderful - love the colors. Thanks for the info on these products.

  10. Love the warm colors you used in your Ruler quilt. Very pretty!

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  12. Those solids just glow! And, that quilting motif was the prefect choice!


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