Thursday, May 31, 2018

Modern Plus Sign Quilts Book Tab

Just a quick post to let you know that I have added a tab above (right under my logo) for the Modern Plus Sign Quilts book.

The page contains information about where to find the book, the Modern Plus quilt along, errata, and most importantly thumb nail images with links to all of the quilt patterns in the book made by bloggers during the Modern Plus Sign Quilts Book Hop.

Please go check it out and I hope that it is helpful being able to see and have links to all of the amazing hop quilts all in one place.

Photo by Paige Alexander

Have you made a quilt from the book? I would love to see it! You can share on social media using #ModernPlusSignQuilts and e-mail me at cheryljbrickey at gmail dot com


  1. The tab looks great and it's a beautiful way to show off all the quilts from the blog hop!

  2. Awesome love the tab! Have a great day!

  3. Love the tab! I've come back to your blog several times since I got your book - looking for that lovely version of Plus surround or the postage plus. Looking forward to the QAL!

  4. Replies
    1. The reveal will be on Thursday, I'm excited!

  5. Fabulous! It was great to see all the quilts from the blog hop together.


  6. Great Idea! I followed and checked out a lot of them, but I know I missed a few. This makes it easy to catch up.

  7. You are so great at organization! This is perfect - I love seeing all of the projects from the hop in one place. The book is wonderful and I know there will be a million modern plus quilts made from it.☺️

  8. I love seeing all the quilts in one spot! So beautiful!! And I love the graphic you have for your quilt-a-long!!

  9. The tab looks great Cheryl. I love seeing all the quilts together like that.

  10. The tab is a great idea and it looks fabulous! Postage Plus is my current leaders & enders project. I'll send you a picture at whatever point it gets done.


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