Saturday, January 20, 2018

Modern Quilts Blog Tour

I was very excited to receive my copy of Modern Quilts: Designs of a New Century (affiliate link) in the mail last week. It is a beautiful, hardcover book that includes over 200 quilts. I am now actually enjoying my time spent in the waiting room during my children's gymnastics classes because it is my uninterrupted time to read through the book :)

I am honored to have a quilt included in the book. I made Warp and Weft for the QuiltCon 2017 APQ 9-patch challenge. It actually took first place!

A little about the quilt...about a month before the QuiltCon submission deadline, I was at work drafting a new patent application on a woven fabric (I write patents for a private industrial textile and chemical company). The fabric was similar to a shot cotton where the warp yarns (that go along the machine direction) and the weft yarns (that go perpendicular to the machine direction) were different yarns. I noticed that it kind of looked like a 9 patch. Thus my woven 9-patch idea was born.

There is such eye candy and inspiration in the book, so consider getting a copy of the book to see all the pieces. 100% of the royalties earned from the book go to the Modern Quilt Guild, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
Here is the full list of participants in the book hop.

12/13/17 Amber Corcoran Fancy Tiger Crafts
12/14/17 Heidi Parkes Heidi Parkes Arts
12/15/17 Melissa Cory Happy Quilting
12/16/17 Penny Gold Studio Notes
12/18/17 Shruti Dandekar 13 Wood House Road
12/19/17 Amy Friend During Quiet Time
12/20/17 Paige Alexander Quilted Blooms
12/21/17 Angela Bowman Angela Bowman Design
12/22/17 Lysa Flower Lysa Flower
12/27/17 Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill Whole Circle Studio
12/28/17 Jacquie Gering Tall Grass Prairie Studio
12/29/17 Christa Watson Christa Quilts
12/30/17 Heather Black Quilt-achusetts
1/2/18 Kristin Shields Kristin Shield Art
1/3/18 Krista Hennebury Poppy Print Creates
1/4/18 Cinzia Allocca Deux Petites Souris
1/5/18 Suzanne Paquette Atelier Six Design
1/6/18 Yvonne Fuchs Quilting Jetgirl
1/9/18 Ben Darby Hunts Patch Quilts
1/10/18 Nicole Daksiewicz Modern Handcraft
1/11/18 Kristi Schroeder Initial K Studio
1/12/18 Kathy York Art Quilts by Kathy York
1/13/18 Marla Varner Penny Lane Quilts
1/15/18 Brigette Heitland Zen Chic
1/16/18 Stacey Sharman Hello Stitch Studio
1/17/18 Stacey O’Malley SLO Studio
1/18/18 Kim Soper Leland Ave Studios
1/19/18 Steph Skardal Steph Skardal Quilts
1/20/18 Cheryl Brickey Meadow Mist Designs ← that's me!
1/22/18 Shea Henderson Empty Bobbin Sewing Studio
1/23/18 Katie Larson Katie Larson Studio
1/24/18 Katie Pedersen Sew Katie Did


  1. Wow that's beautiful! I cannot make out how you did that, it looks so intricate! What a creative take on a 9-patch.

  2. You whipped that beautiful winner up in a month? Pretty amazing!

  3. A stunning quilt that builds off of how the fabric was actually made. Very well executed along with the color binding.

  4. It's always fascinating to find out what prompted a quilt design. How cool that you get to work with textiles, though I don't think I'd like the patent writing part. Reading them is bad enough!

  5. I love this quilt and that I got to see it in person, Cheryl. Congratulations for being included in the book, and enjoy your time getting to read through it!

  6. Congrats Cheryl! I love how your quilt came about. Sometimes it can be the littlest ting that sparks a great idea.

  7. Looks like a fun new book. I definitely want to check it out. Your quilt Warp and Weft is amazing. Total #CreativeGoodness.


  8. Love your quilt! The book must be amazing

    1. Thanks! I am really enjoying the book, so much inspiration and great photography.

  9. Thanks for sharing your inspiration for this quilt Cheryl. It's so interesting.

  10. I enjoyed reading your background to creating your stunning/winning quilt.

  11. I am in love with shot cottons for the reason you mention. This quilt is a brilliant interpretation of those fabrics. Conrgratulations on it, and its inclusion in this wonderful book. Its on my list of items to inspire!

  12. It's such a pleasure getting these peaks inside of that book. I'm happy to see your quilt is a part of it. I love this one!

  13. Congratulations!! This is one of my favourites :)


  14. I absolutely adore this quilt and I find the idea and inspiration behind the design so clever! It's a worthy inclusion. PS - Looks like you carry as many bags as I do :-)!


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